How to Get a House at a Young Age – Buying a House at 19!

The best question is how to earn money as a young person…

If you want to buy a house at 19, you need to start your online business as a high school boy or girl. At age 18, you can open your LLC business in the advertising, gaming industry, youtube industry – where teenagers usually are the best.

Yes, I am 45 now, and I bought my first ever house when I was 20 years old. Today I will be sharing how I bought my house and why I buy this? I will also tell you, people, that it is not a crime to buy a house at such a young age and obviously not an impossible thing. If you are willing for something, you can do it eventually. If you hesitate or confuse your dreams, your energy will not support you to achieve them. This is what actually happened to me.

I was desperate to have my own space since I was only 13, a course at that age, I did not have the idea to buy my own space, even to buy a whole house, but there was something in me which encouraged me, and maybe that is why I was never afraid of taking this huge step.

Luckily, soon after I graduate from my college, I was in my 19s. I started a job, not a job but a job. I was eager to work more and more to earn more and more. I was enthusiastic and sure that you are more energetic and capable of taking risks. But not everything comes so smoothly and becomes yours. You surely have to pay some amount and make some sacrifices to get your dream thing.

I took this very light, but it was damn too difficult to turn this dream into a reality and actually live in your own house. Since I made this decision to save some good amount and buy my own house. Everyone around me, like my family and friends, even coworkers, discouraged me. Saying that it is insane to buy a house at this age like you cannot take care of it will be a hard-on you step, don’t waste money and time on this. You should get married to have your own house.

Like blah blah….. There was one to encourage me. Indeed it was a big step, but I was totally devoted to buying one. So to buy a house, there are different methods for each country. It would help if you discussed with your legal advisor first in your country, I recommend.


Profits or benefits in buying your own house

I think there are only profits and profits in buying your own house. I recommend to all young students if they want to have their own house and they are even willing to buy it then don’t hesitate and don’t listen to anyone who stops you.

There is nothing wrong with buying your own house. You can stay with your parents in your own house and rent out the one your parents were living in. or you can live in your own house and invite your parents occasionally to spend the vacations with you.

Your life will be having complete privacy and the safer side when you will have your own house at least you have the space to live in, and you can earn and make money for food and education. That won’t be a big deal, actually.

Once you know how to deal with the house purchasing and living-in matters, you will easily deal with other house-related matters because it is about responsibility.

Now, you know what the profits there are when you have your own house. Even in an emergency, you can sell your house to gain money and go to live with your parents.


Losses and sacrifices

For achieving something bigger, you need to make some sacrifices. I was in this situation that totally broke when I invested my whole savings and earning, and my money got stuck, or you can say it was delayed. Well, I was not mentally prepared for it and was not expecting this too. As everyone was against this decision so I naturally did not want to go to them and ask for help.

After a week, my payment was transferred automatically, and in a day or two, I got the profit from where I have invested my money. So in that time period, I was mentally upset and totally broke with no hope left, and you can say that I became helpless.

Fortunately, that duration lasted for a few days, but I got the lesson to have some backup money or backup plan before buying a house. Indeed it would help if you had a lot of money to buy a house. But it does not mean that after buying a house you would remain with nothing to eat for a whole week.


Perfect timing and back up plan


So, all it needs is the perfect timing and a perfect chance to take. If you have decided to buy your own house, try to note down all the possible actions you can take and plan the things. Then work according to the plan; of course, there are some exceptions too, but more or less, you will have the backup plan to cover up the things.


Learn before that how to manage things


Managing things are different for different people. How I manage is quite like this. After the decision I made, I wanted to earn as fast as possible to buy real soon. There is a tip for you never to rush to buy a house. Like take some time and see multiple options ask around for the details, and so. Then make the final say. It is a one-time decision for at least a whole year and if you are young like I was when I bought my own house. Then it will be tough to change the house the next day.

I did the same, and now I am still in that house I bought in my 19s, and now I am living with my kids in this beautiful house that I am in love with.


Good luck!


Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is an experienced economist and financial analyst from Utah. He has been in finance for nearly two decades, having worked as a senior analyst for Wells Fargo Bank for 19 years. After leaving Wells Fargo Bank in 2014, Daniel began a career as a finance consultant, advising companies and individuals on economic policy, labor relations, and financial management. At, Daniel writes about personal finance topics, value estimation, budgeting strategies, retirement planning, and portfolio diversification. Read more on Daniel Smith's biography page. Contact Daniel:

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