How to Change Bank of America Pin?

With the advent of digital currency and technological advancement in financial transactions and monetary operations, the convenience provided by credit cards and Visa cards is undeniable. Account-holders have the autonomy to pilot finance-related assignments through the disposal of plastic money, smartphone apps, and other convenient practices specified by the issuing bank. Cash withdrawal and money transference can be undertaken to and from the account, and deposited funds can be maintained, managed, and supervised. Credit and debit cards are equipped with unique 16 digit numerical, expiration date, and personal identification numbers and codes. Online, in-store purchases, and cash withdrawals with a single touch of buttons at the ATM on retailers have been made super convenient. Credit cards allow payments through the accumulation of funds consumed to a certain threshold which vary according to the issuing bank.
In contrast, debit cards withhold immediate gains from the deposited resources. Debit and credit cards can be issued depending on personal preference and the idea of spending maximum cash. Plastic money is considered a safe alternative for cash or liquid capital, but it can be involved in fraudulent or scam-based activities, due to which it is essential to secure it through a safe PIN.

Bank of America change pin steps are:

How to Change Bank of America Credit Card Pin?

To change a pin of Bank of America Credit Card or debit card, you can do that in the following way:

  • Visit the bank of America website (, log in using an online ID and passcode, and choose the “Reset your PIN on card” option.
  • Visit Bank of America ATM and select More Options, then Change PIN.
  • Visit a local branch in person and ask a teller to change your pin.

To maintain security and efficiency standards, most personal possessions and financial resources are equipped with a unique personalized number to prevent fraud and potential embezzlement. A personal identification number or PIN is used by cards that offer multiple electronic financial transactions. This number is significant as it is required to conclude a trade or cash withdrawal. The primary function of giving a personalized number to the card is to increase security during the electronic transaction process. This number or code is unique and provides an added layer of protection for financial transactions to proceed. They are associated with an individual’s identity and are also used for other security devices, gadgets, or processes that include home security and smartphones. A PIN can be altered according to an individual’s preference, but mostly they are shorter, easy to remember, and hard to guess by other people. To avoid theft or hacking, it is generally advised to exclude personal details such as name, date of birth, or other vital parameters. This digit will be required at all instances, particularly upon cash withdrawals from an ATM and to conduct in-store purchases. If you own a Bank of America Visa card and are interested in changing the personal identification number, you can get a new PIN through the following methods.

Bank of America’s official website

If you have a secured account on the Bank of America’s official website (, you also can change your PIN conveniently by logging in and visiting the website. However, to approach this option, you would need an online ID and passcode. Go to the ‘reset your PIN on card’ option available at the online portal and follow the instructions to enter the new PIN for the visa card.

Visit the nearest ATM.

You can also change your PIN by visiting the nearest Bank of America ATM if you do not wish to interact with the customer service representative through calls. Insert your ATM card into the machine and choose from a wide range of options available on the ‘main screen.’ The device will take you to the ‘more options’ tab, where you will see the change PIN request button. The ATM will ask you for the original or existing PIN to be entered for security purposes, followed by the new PIN.

Call phone number

If you have lost or forgotten your existing PIN and wish to acquire a fresh one from the Bank of America or any other issuing bank, then you need to call the financial authority directly. The customer service center for Bank of America’s financial platform is 1-800-432-1000. The account holders of Bank of America can connect to this number between the working hours of 8 AM till 11 PM, and the trained representatives will provide essential insights and the detailed process required for PIN changing. The financial center is available to their account owners throughout the weekdays and even on the weekends from 8 AM till 8 PM. If you wish to change the pin, you can take assistance from official representatives who will ask for important information for security clearance and mail the updates to you.



Bank of America’s app

You can also access the Bank of America’s official website through their app, which is available for android and iPhone users. After downloading their app, you can log in to your account and search for the option of changing the PIN.

Last but not least, account owners have the option to visit the branch in person and request a new PIN. The bank teller or the administrator will provide detailed instructions and requirements for security clearance to give you a fresh new PIN.

Bank of America is currently the fourth largest employer and financial platform in the United States banking and investment domain. It is now accommodating more than 136,000 financial and investment professionals with $2.17 trillion in total assets. This renowned financial platform is responsible for yielding an annual revenue of more than $90 billion. Along with its financial liability and credibility, the Bank of America is well trained to provide trouble-free customer service and assistance to their employees and account holders. If the customers have a reason to believe that their account has been compromised or need a new PIN, then the representatives will be happy to assist.

Due to the current pandemic, the concept of in-store shopping drastically declined. Customers built solid support for online shopping, which blocked the need to enter PIN upon purchase. Entering the personal identification number became less popular as a result of which many card users started forgetting it. Some of the banks also offer reminder services to their customers. NatWest chooses to send their PIN through postal addresses to their customers.

Beginners who have just started using credit and debit cards are advised to choose numbers that can easily be hacked and remembered by strangers. You need to properly secure your PIN to access your account and avoid providing access to hackers and thieves. Obvious numbers and important details should be highly avoided; however, try using a regular or unknown date to remember it at times of need easily. Birthdays or anniversaries are ideal for this purpose, considering if the dates are not known to others. Never write down your PIN as it could provide easy access for potential theft.

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