Can You Combine Visa Gift Cards?

A gift card has a balance of a specific amount of money that can be used for various purchases at any shop, departmental store, grocery outlet, or even brand. So, if you are looking for an exceptional last-minute gift, you can quickly get your hands on gift cards that are readily available at the register area of various brands and outlets. The gift card recipient can purchase any item from places where the specific gift card is accepted. This can be an ideal gift when you do not know someone entirely or intend to give something out of the ordinary.

Can You Combine Visa Gift Cards?

 You can combine several Visa gift cards or prepaid cards for one transaction. You can not combine the balances from several gift cards, Vanilla cards, or virtual cards into one gift card, but you can pay using several funding sources. For example, if you have a $5 remaining balance on your Visa card and a total purchase amount in the grocery store of $11, you can combine your card and cash payment to pay.

Sometimes, gift cards are also lazy because the giver does not put too much thought into gift selection. Gift cards are beneficial and valuable when spending money in restaurants or retailers. The recipients of the gift cards also can devote that amount online or offline as they are loaded with funds for future use. While they are incredibly convenient and creative as gifts, they can pose a problem if their balance diminishes. You may be frustrated if you already possess Visa gift cards and consider combining their value into a single card. However, there are specific ways to receive cash off the remaining amount left on the Visa card.

How do you combine Visa Gift cards in-store?

If you want to buy some product in the store, you can provide several Visa Gift cards to the retailer, and the seller will swipe each card for one purchase. For example, if you have $5 on three Visa gift cards ($5×3), you can buy a product that costs  $14 using multiple Visa gift cards.

How do you combine Visa Gift cards online?

The best way to combine Visa Gift cards online is to buy an Amazon E-gift card using each separate Visa gift card (merge Visa Gift cards). After that, you can transfer the sum of each Amazon E-gift card to your debit card. Finally, all money will be on your debit/credit card balance, and now you can spend and withdraw money online or in-store.

Additionally, you can add several Visa gift cards to your PayPal account and later use PayPal for payments.

Go to Amazon and visit your account page:

Gift card on Amazon


Choose Reload yourReloadce option on the Amazon website:

Choose Reload your balance

Now you will be able to transfer money ($5) from a Visa Gift card to an Amazon E-gift card:

transfer money from visa gift card to amazon gift

Add Visa Gift card details on the Amazon site:

add Visa Gift card details on Amazon site


Finally, your $5 order is transferred to your Amazon E-gift card:

order is placed on Amazon website

Read more about VISA gift card PIN on our webpage.

See below how to transfer your gift card balance to Paypal:

How to transfer your Visa gift card balance to Paypal using

To transfer your Visa gift card balance to PayPal, you need to:

  • Go to
  • Enter the merchant’s name and the balance amount on your gift card. Click GET OFFER.
  • To add another gift card, click ADD CARD.
  • If you agree to the exchange offer, click Continue.
  • Enter your gift card number and PIN, and click Connect with PayPal.
  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Fill in the required fields, and click Get my PayPal balance.

Gift cards and prepaid cards may appear similar in terms of application and surface, but specific visible differences exist. These cards have a personal identification number or PIN; however, prepaid Visa cards are reloadable, and gift cards are not. Visa gift cards are considered a one-time gift offer and are not reloadable. The Visa gift card recipients are expected to spend the amount limit on the card; however, prepaid cards can be loaded again if finished. Visa gift cards are accepted at any merchant, retailer, and outlet conveniently accepting credit cards because it is equipped with a Visa symbol. However, once a recipient has emptied and drained the card’s funds, and the balance is finished, the card has no application value. Prepaid and gift cards are equipped with the desired amount; however, the money spent can be easily recharged when it comes to prepaid cards, making them more accessible and convenient for users. Whenever you are alerted of a low balance on your prepaid card, you can quickly reload it. reloadr, if your Visa gift card balance is getting close to zero, you need to purchase items that may be of more value and use as you will not load them again.

There is no proper guideline for combining the balance available on various Visa gift cards into one gift card. However, you can pay for an item with multiple financial sources. In situations where your Visa gift card balance is deficient, for example, $10, you May be unable to buy a product within that range on that card. If you are left with a cent or a dollar on the card before throwing it away, you must be creative and use a Visa gift card at any grocery store, convenience outlet, or brick-and-mortar business.

You can also use your Visa gift cards at any merchant store, as they allow you to use various funding sources and split the payment. If you have a smaller balance on the Visa gift card and the item purchased is more than the remaining amount, you can ask the retailer to use another card or cash to complete the purchase. In most scenarios, this is commonly accepted, and merchants have no problem when it comes to receiving money paid from various sources. You can also check the remaining balance online or through customer service over the phone. This way, you can easily benefit from the poor balance on the Visa gift card. You can also use the Visa gift card to buy an Amazon gift card that is reimbursed on If you need detailed instructions on how to check your debit card balance, you can read more in our article on how to check your Visa debit card balance.

Visa gift cards are a new way of online shopping but are non-reloadable as the initial value is established and fixed by the individual who has purchased the card. Additional funds cannot be reloaded to the card. One of the conveniences of the Visa gift card is the Visa logo’s availability, similar to any other Visa card; therefore, it can be recognized at most places that accept Visa cards. The bank-issuing gift cards come with a wide range of flexibility as they can be used at multiple outlets where the major credit cards are acknowledged online and by phone.

Gift cards are an ideal substitute for cash and physical gifts in stores or online. You can easily gift them on holidays or any other special occasion if you are unsure of a perfect gift. These cards are also ideal for controlling extra spending as you only have a limited amount of money stored in the cards. However, if big purchases are made with the gift card, you may be left with a small amount of money that is sometimes not applicable everywhere, and you may need to throw the card away. You may also be charged an activity fee if you fail to use the card.

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