Where is the PIN on a Visa Gift Card?

For more than five years, e-shopping and e-commerce have been rapidly increasing in popularity. As technology has started to introduce advanced and state-of-the-art options, people are gradually becoming used to advanced gadgets and the transition in the e-commerce market, which directly affects consumer behavior. Furthermore, because of the increased accessibility and convenience of online shopping, consumers gradually understand and familiarize themselves with high-speed digital gadgets, novel checkouts, security systems, and presenting gifts differently, including gift cards.


Where is the PIN on a Prepaid Gift Card??

The PIN is on the back of your gift card in the bottom right corner under the silver scratch-off area. Gift cards issued by department stores typically have a PIN, which can be the last four digits of the card number.


Where is the PIN on a Visa Gift Card?

The Visa gift card PINĀ  is on the back of your card under the scratch-off area if you have a card from a department store. Just scratch off the protective covering with a coin, and you can see the four-digit PIN on your VISA gift card. However, most Visa gift cards do not have PINs located on the card. You need to contact the phone number from the Visa gift card to get 4 code pins by phone.


See the PIN (7529) on the Visa gift card in the red box below:

visa gift card pin


If you use your card online, you will need a 3-digit CVV2 security code. The 778 CVV2 3-digit security code is above this text in the green box.

CVV stands for Card Verification Value, which is different from a PIN.

CVV security 3 digit code on VISA card

PIN on Visa and MasterCard gift card

Visa and MasterCard gift cards changed policies and asked for PINs after 2013. Contrary to tradition, the PINs are not directly located on the back of the card. Instead, customers or recipients of Visa and MasterCard gift cards are advised to call customer service on the number available on the card’s back. By using the automated system, customers can enter a 16-digit card number.

After carefully following the process, the computerized system will inquire about the expiration date and three-digit security code, always located and written on the card’s back. Finally, the system will select a personalized four-digit PIN code by following the procedure and fulfilling the desired requirements.

The innovative gift card concept is becoming popular in the e-commerce market. It is a new form of payment conveniently used to purchase items at retail stores, gas stations, dining restaurants, and other grocery stores. The concept involves loading the desired amount of money into the card, which you can use or present as a gift. The person awarded the gift card can easily spend the money at any accepted shop or location.

These cards are preloaded, and the recipient can spend them on any activity, facility, or service within the card’s balance limits. You can immediately start paying if you have received a gift card as a present, but certain limitations and conditions must be dealt with before purchasing. In most scenarios or at various locations, the retailers may ask for a personal identification number or PIN. The PIN is ideally located on the back of the physical card and highlighted on the email received with the electronic gift card number. In specific scenarios, the PIN is not used to withdraw money from the gift card at an ATM, similar to the debit card. However, gift card recipients are encouraged to display their PIN to check the remaining balance and retrieve a replacement card.

Omnicard Pin

Sometimes, Visa gift card pins are not printed on the back of the card. For example, if you get an Omnicard Visa gift card, you can set up a wished OmnYout case; you must visit the Omnicard.com website, type a 3-digit security code (CVVC) for verification, and enter your wished 4-digit PIN.

Pin using a different name

If you are presented with an American Express gift card, it can operate without PINs. The American Express gift cards are equipped with a four-digit number called a card security code, which is written on the card front directly above the 15-digit card number.

Similarly, Discover gift cards are slightly different from American Express gift cards. The back of the Discover gift card highlights a three-digit number referred to as the customer identification number. The Discover gift cards are prepaid with cash and stored value cards used by recipients to make purchases around the US. These cards are also accepted online and in stores.

Store gift cards

Gift cards that various department stores deliver come with a personal identification number. This number is easily positioned on the back of the card, but the area is hidden with silver protection and needs to be scratched off to view the PIN. For example, most departmental stores, Aeropostale, REI, Sephora, and Ulta gift cards, have the number at the back of the card and are covered under the scratch-off area.

The PIN of these cards is heavily protected for security purposes. The departmental stores make sure the numbers are tucked in well to prevent the PIN of a particular gift card from being embezzled or misused. This is done to curtail the risk of card thefts; therefore, authorization of the card before use is mandatory. Walmart gift cards are available with pins only; however, if customers are interested in using a gift card without having a PIN, they can only consume the card in stores and not online since their official website asks for a PIN security measure.

E-gift cards

If you received an electronic gift card, the PIN is available in the email. If retailers ask customers to personalize their PIN, the process to choose a PIN is directly available in the email and on the retailer’s official website. This process can be performed online as well as on the phone.

With the growing trend of electronic gift cards, different department stores and retail shops have introduced and encouraged this concept to make shopping virtually easy. Everyone owns almost all smartphones, so with the help of computer checkout, you can reduce the possibility of long queues. There are no shipping costs, so you can quickly minimize time and money. It is perfect for those with a busy schedule looking for last-minute gift lovers.

Presenting gift cards is an ideal alternative for a gift and has significantly revamped the concept of shopping. The gift card recipients are supposed to find their PINs available on the back of the card, hidden under the scratch panel, with a coin’s help. The four-digit PIN will make online shopping more accessible and convenient through gift cards. They are mainly required to use the gift card for debit transactions at the sale. You can visit the change/set up PIN page to change the PIN settings. Payments processing stations may vary at different outlets, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

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