Does DoorDash Take Cash?

In today’s digitally-driven world, most transactions, including food delivery, are often conducted electronically. This eliminates the need for cash handling, providing a streamlined, contactless experience. However, recognizing that different users may have different needs and preferences, DoorDash has introduced an option that allows customers to pay and tip in cash.

Does DoorDash Take Cash?

Yes, DoorDash takes cash and offers a “Cash on Delivery,” a service where customers can pay in cash, and Dasher (Doordash delivery person) can receive the total amount. However, the money that Dasher collects can keep, and the order amount will be automatically deducted from Dasher’s next direct deposit.

You, as a customer, can pay using cash to Dasher!!!

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This new feature lets users earn cash on their DoorDash deliveries and instantly put money in their pockets. If you’ve wondered whether DoorDash accepts cash, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Here is an in-depth look at how this feature works, including its advantages and some common questions, answered.

For me, this offer has numerous advantages:

The “Cash on Delivery” feature offered by DoorDash provides several advantages for both customers and Dashers:

  1. Convenience for customers: Cash on Delivery allows customers to pay for their orders in cash, which can be more convenient for those who prefer not to use online payment methods or don’t have access to them. It gives customers the flexibility to pay for their orders at the time of delivery, eliminating the need for prepayment or entering credit card information online.
  2. Trust and security: Some customers may feel more secure paying in cash than providing their credit card information online. Cash on Delivery ensures that customers only pay for the order once they have received it, giving them a sense of trust and security in the transaction.
  3. Flexibility for Dashers: Cash on Delivery provides an additional payment option for Dashers. It allows them to collect the total amount in cash from customers, which they can keep temporarily until their next direct deposit. This feature can be advantageous for Dashers who may need immediate access to funds or prefer handling cash payments.
  4. Enhanced earnings management: With the automatic deduction of the order amount from the Dasher’s next direct deposit, the system ensures that Dashers are not burdened with managing and depositing cash. It simplifies reconciling earnings and eliminates the need for Dashers to make separate trips to deposit cash payments.
  5. Increased customer base: By offering cash as a payment option, DoorDash can cater to a broader range of customers with limitations or preferences regarding online payment methods. This inclusivity can attract more customers and increase business opportunities for Dashers.

As a Dasher, you can opt-in to start receiving orders that pay cash. To earn cash with DoorDash, you need to enable the feature in your Dasher app. Go to the Account tab, and under Delivery Preferences, you’ll find the Cash on Delivery Orders option. Toggle this feature if you wish to accept cash payments. You can opt in or opt-out anytime, and it won’t impact your ratings.

When you enable this feature, you can start accepting orders that say “Cash on Delivery.” These are just like any other orders—the only difference is that you’ll get paid in cash when you drop them off. You get paid the minute you deliver the order. Once you collect the payment, your job is done. You get to keep 100% of the cash, including any tips you receive. The order amount is automatically deducted from your next direct deposit, and you can check your weekly earnings breakdown to see any cash amounts deducted. Notably, all tips are yours to keep and won’t be subtracted from your earning balance.

The Advantages of Cash Payments with DoorDash for Customers

There are several advantages for customers when they have the option to pay with cash for DoorDash deliveries:

  1. Flexibility and convenience: Paying with cash provides customers with flexibility in payment methods. Some customers may prefer to pay in cash due to personal reasons or limitations with online payment options. Cash payment allows them to conveniently pay for their DoorDash orders without needing a credit card or online transaction.
  2. Security and privacy: Paying with cash can offer customers a heightened sense of security and privacy. Some individuals may be concerned about sharing their credit card information online or prefer to keep their financial transactions offline. Cash payment eliminates customers’ need to provide sensitive payment details, providing them with peace of mind.
  3. Budget management: For customers who prefer to pay in cash, managing their budget and keeping track of their expenses can be more accessible. With cash transactions, customers have a tangible representation of their spending and can allocate a specific amount for their food delivery. This can help them stay within their desired budget and avoid overspending.
  4. Accessibility for unbanked individuals: Not everyone can access bank accounts or online payment methods. By offering cash as a payment option, DoorDash ensures that individuals without credit cards or bank accounts can still enjoy the convenience of food delivery services. In addition, it promotes inclusivity and allows a broader customer base to access DoorDash’s offerings.
  5. Transparency and control: Cash payment gives customers complete control over their payment. They can physically hand over the cash to the Dasher and ensure they are paying the exact amount for their order. This level of transparency gives customers a clear understanding of the transaction and eliminates any potential discrepancies that may arise with digital payment methods.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dashers

Do I have to accept cash orders? No, cash on delivery orders is entirely optional. You can turn your preference on or off as often as you’d like, whenever you like. When you opt-in, you may still decline these orders at any time without impacting your ratings.

How do I get paid? The Customer will pay you in cash, plus any cash tips, for delivering the order. You’ll keep 100% of the cash you receive, and the order amount will be automatically deducted from your next direct deposit. You can check your weekly earnings breakdown to see any cash amounts deducted. Note that tips are yours to keep and won’t be subtracted from your earning balance.

Do I need to carry change? Customers are asked to have the total plus tip ready to ensure a quick and easy drop-off experience. We recommend carrying $10-15 in small bills if they don’t have the exact amount.

What should I do if I have an issue collecting the cash payment? If you encounter an issue, tap Issue Collecting Cash Payment in the Dasher app and select one of the options: Customer was short on cash, I do not have any change, Customer unavailable, or Customer refused to pay. In these scenarios, do not collect cash from the Customer. DoorDash will provide a base pay for the order, and your completion rating won’t be affected. Discard the order if the Customer is short on cash, unavailable, or refuses to pay. You may deliver the order to the Customer if the issue is “I do not have any change.” Remember, you’ll still receive your base pay for the order, and your completion rating won’t be affected. If the Customer has questions, direct them to contact DoorDash Support.

What delivery service takes cash?

Food delivery that takes cash in the US is:

  • Swiggy Food Order
  • Deliveroo: Takeaway food
  • Grubhub: Local Food Delivery & Restaurant Takeout
  • Railrestro – Order Food On the Train
  • Order Food, Alcohol & Laundry
  • Seamless: Restaurant Takeout & Food Delivery App


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