Does Instacart Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Does Instacart deliver to hotel rooms? Many travelers ask this question when visiting a new city, looking for convenience and cost savings. Thankfully, the answer is yes! Instacart can bring all of your favorite products right to your hotel room.

Knowing if your hotel allows Instacart deliveries is the first step. Many hotels have policies that forbid third-party delivery services, such as Instacart, from making deliveries to their guests’ rooms. Sometimes, asking around at the front desk might be necessary before ordering anything – so don’t forget to check!

Does Instacart deliver to hotel rooms?

Yes, Instacart delivers goods to hotel rooms or resorts. It would help if you informed the front hotel desk about delivery. However, some hotels do not allow Instacart deliveries. Please check before ordering hotel rules.


Once you know that your hotel allows Instacart deliveries, you must create an account and place an order. All you need is access to the Internet since orders can be placed through any device or browser window with an Internet connection. You can browse various stores nearby and see what items are available. Once you’ve selected it, specify the delivery address (the hotel) and provide a few other details to complete the purchase.

Most hotels will even accept “cash on delivery” purchases from Instacart services, so pick this option if it applies! If your chosen store or service doesn’t accept cash, use whatever payment method suits you best (debit/credit card). It might also be helpful to consider whether tipping drivers are allowed at specific locations; this should always be done with discretion, as some places may not permit it.

In addition, while most hotels should accept packages delivered by Instacart drivers, the establishment itself may still set certain restrictions or regulations. To avoid any potential issues with giving goods directly into a room, it’s best to discuss this matter with front desk staff beforehand—just in case there are any rules about third-party delivery services operating on-site.

In summary, Instacart delivers directly to hotel rooms or resorts, provided the facility has no restrictions against such services. However, it would help if customers informed their chosen hotel about their plans before placing an order via Instacart to prepare for a smooth delivery process without any unexpected problems arising along the way.

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