Does Instacart Deliver on Military Bases?

With the rise of e-commerce, many services have become more accessible to those in the armed forces. This includes grocery services like Instacart that offer convenience and easy access to all your grocery needs.

Does Instacart deliver on military bases?

Yes, Instacart delivers goods to military bases. However, it would help if you waited for the deliveryman at the entrance gate instead of having to your door.


Instacart offers convenient delivery for those living in military housing or on base. It partners with various local and national stores so customers can get the items they need without leaving their homes. To use the app, you must create an account, select your store and items, check out, and wait for delivery.

It’s important to note that while Instacart does deliver goods to military bases, they cannot enter the premises themselves. Therefore, it’s best to wait outside at the entrance gate instead of having them delivered right to your door. This ensures that all security protocols are adhered to and that no one who shouldn’t be inside can pass the gate.

Instacart also offers a 10% discount program for active-duty service members and veterans. The “Military Discount” program offers discounts on online orders from various participating stores, ranging from pharmacy items to pet food! So, this could be an excellent option if you’re an active-duty service member or a veteran looking for savings and convenience.

Overall, Instacart does indeed provide delivery services for those living on base or in military housing. As long as you wait at the entrance gate instead of having them come directly into your home, all security protocols will be followed, and you can get the items you need without leaving your residence! Plus, with their discount program available for active duty service members and veterans alike, it can make a difference when purchasing other necessary items online!

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Daniel Smith

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