Do Grocery Stores Sell Stamps?

We’ve been so used to the digital way of keeping in touch with our loved ones that we’ve almost forgotten about the conventional beauty of sharing a handmade card or even a postcard. Unfortunately, this is also why stamps are not as easy to find as they used to be. 

Do Grocery Stores Sell Stamps?

All grocery stores sell stamps, usually in booklets such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.  Customers can also purchase stamps from online stores like grocery stores’ websites or Amazon.

You must be wondering where to buy them from the moment you are in the grocery store, and you can buy just a single stamp or can fill your collection with several types of exceptional and attractive, colorful, and theme-based stamps. 

Don’t worry; we’ll answer all your queries regarding this. So, let’s go!

Can you find stamps at your local grocery stores?

Yes, you can find stamps at your local grocery store. However, some of them have high markup or do not have stamps regularly. All the big grocery stores will carry stamps.


Almost all grocery stores are similarly organized, but there can be differences in how they are presented.

If you’re out to buy groceries along with stamps, you can complete your shopping and purchase stamps from the cashiers at the end. Cashiers are usually the areas where a lot of grocery stores keep stamps. 

You can also order stamps from the online stores from grocery stores if you wish to. This makes much more sense if you’re ordering groceries online for a longer time, but be aware that grocery stores only sell stamps in sheets or booklets. 

Another question that comes to our mind is that if the pharmacies or drug stores sell postage stamps? Here, here! Let us clear! 

Does Walgreens sell stamps?

Yes, Walgreens does sell stamps in retail stores and online. For example, you can buy 20-stamp booklets that cost $11 per booklet. Additionally, you can buy single stamps for 55 cents each.

As we know, Walgreens is one of the most significant pharmacies, with stores almost everywhere in the country. As of date, they have 8300 stores so we’re sure that you can easily find one near your place of work or your residence. 

But please note that they only sell necessary stamps, i.e., the “first-class forever postage stamp,” which can be used even if the rates get increased. Unfortunately, however, Walgreens don’t offer postcards or delivery stamps, so if you are thinking of laying your hands on them, you’ll have to go through them and then visit the USPS.

However, we mentioned earlier; it’s better to buy stamps in bulk. One stamp costs $0.55, but you’ll save about 5 cents for each quite good stamp! In addition, some Walgreens stores are open all the time, i.e., 24 by 7, while the other stores are open only from 8 in the morning to 10 in the night. Timings, however, might differ on the weekends. 

Just like Walgreens, one can also buy stamps from CVS. 

Does CVS sell stamps?

Yes, CVS does sell stamps in retail stores and online. For example, you can buy 20-stamp booklets that cost $10 per booklet in CVS. However, you can not buy a single stamp at CVS. CVS does not offer online stamp purchases.

Does Target sell stamps?

Yes, Target does sell stamps such as national, international, and various classes. However, you can not buy stamps online at the website, only in retail stores. You can buy stamps in roll, book, or sheet and pay from $2 up to $25.You can not use reward points to buy stamps at Target.

Does Safeway sell stamps?

Yes, Safeway sells stamps in grocery stores but does not sell online at For example, you can buy a booklet of 20 First-Class Forever that costs $11 per booklet. However, Safeway does not sell single stamps.

Does Walmart sell stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells stamps, and you can buy stamps online such as postcard stamps, coil featuring one hundred stamps, souvenir stamps, etc. However, Walmart does not sell stamps directly in retail stores; you need to search for them at Walmart Online.

Just like anything else, you can also buy stamps from Walmart. Being one of the biggest chains of supermarkets, they sell almost everything, including stamps. Also, one can visit anytime as they’re open nearly every time. But it’s always good to be added up, as it saves you time and the hassle of buying them last minute. 

If you want to buy stamps at Walmart, you need to approach their fundamental “Moneycenter or the customer service desk.” Of course, you can also order them online if you want. 

Almost all the Walmart stores have their operating hours between 8 am and 10 pm. Timings can, however, vary from one store to another. 

Does Publix sell stamps?

Yes, Publix sells stamps in retail stores and online. For example, you can buy 20-stamp booklets that cost $11 per booklet in Publix. Additionally, you can buy a single stamp for the price of 0.58 per stamp. However, Publix does not sell stamps online, only in retail stores.

Does Kroger sell stamps?

Yes, Kroger sells stamps in grocery stores but does not sell online at For example, you can buy 20-stamp booklets that cost $11 per booklet in Kroger. However, Kroger does not sell single stamps.

Does Costco sell stamps?

Yes, Costco sells stamps in grocery stores but does not sell online at For example, you can buy Forever 100-stamp booklets that cost $48.75 per booklet in Costco stores.

Does Staples sell stamps?

No, Staples stores don’t sell stamps anymore. The United States Postal Service stopped cooperation with Staples in 2017 and removed stamps from all Staples locations. Staples stores do not sell single stamps too.


Should I buy stamps from Amazon?

As we can make out, you have realized the happiness of sending letters and postcards to your near and dear ones. You’ll need a large number of stamps for it, and we recommend you explore the cheapest and accessible sources for buying stamps. Cost depends on the kind of stamps one believes as distinct symbols will have different price sets. Makes sense!

So, suppose you plan to buy stamps in a decent quantity regularly. In that case, you can check out Amazon or because they offer the lowest prices and other services, which will make your postage experience even more accessible. 

Amazon is a good option for shopping stamps occasionally, but you can consider if you plan to buy them in bulk. If you’re planning to start a business from home and posting letters or packages, we’d recommend you consider the total pricing cost of the postage and not only the price of stamps. 

Usually, we only think of the post office whenever we want stamps, but as discussed in the above paragraphs,  there have been a lot more places where you can get them from.

Options include online stores, major supermarkets, and even pharmacies. However, most of them only sell “forever postage stamps” in the format of booklets. So if you want to buy just a few units of them or enjoy stamps for postcards & parcels, the post office is the place you can head over to. 

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