Do Grocery Stores Drug Test?

A career at Grocery Stores can be great! But it is pretty erratic and rather weird to think that grocery stores also ask you to take drug tests, especially if you’re looking for your first job or starting. 

Do Grocery Stores Drug Test?

Yes, big grocery stores, such as Safeway and Aldi, do drug tests in the US and usually test before hiring.  Other grocery stores and others do drug tests after a suspicious accident or do mandatory drug tests if the employee gets hurt.  However, small stores and chains avoid drug testing.

Some stores perform  Drug tests, mainly if they are the Big and famous stores across states and countries. However, small stores and chains might not be that particular about it. It may come as a surprise to you that Whole Foods does not usually do drug tests! But, being such a big name, it sets the foundations. You might not know or have an idea about the different job profiles in a grocery store, but it will be your first job.

Does Aldi drug test?

Aldi does an initial drug test before officially hiring. They usually perform a Saliva Test, but a urine test is possible depending on the situation. These tests save the company if an employee does not pass a drug test after an accident.

Does Safeway drug test?

Safeway grocery stores do drug testing before hiring. In the first step, potential employees do Oral Drug Tests during interviews with the District Recruiter. All positions conduct a drug test before hire, except for Courtesy Clerks.  

Usually, the tests are done at some local clinic. The clinic sends the samples for further predictions, and the lab further forwards the results to Safeway management.

Safeway does drug tests by conducting a compulsory drug test for the employees, especially in cases of hurt or damage. Usually, it could be possible that the employee hurt himself because of his recklessness because he was on drugs.

Does Kroger drug test?

Kroger seldom conducts drug testing except when an employee is involved in a suspicious accident within the facility. As of September 21, 2020, Kroger stores no longer conduct employment drug tests. In addition, drug testing is not a regular part of the interview process.

It is also a brand that performs drug testing for its employees.

 This means that grocery stores usually conduct some basic drug tests, where only traces of marijuana can be detected. StillKroger’s drug tests are pretty sophisticated and can identify other elements, giving a much clearer picture!


Does Whole Foods drug test?

The whole usually doesn’t require a drug test during the hiring process. However, the organization needs a mandatory drug test if the employee gets hurt. Whole Foods is one of the big names that do not conduct drug tests in usual cases.

The reason to conduct the during aempan employee is that if an employee gets injured while at work and under the influence of drugs, the organization will not take responsibility or pay for any allegations or damages. Smart move, Whole Foods!

However, some stores at specific locations would drug test their employees working around complex and burdensome machinery, and the warehouse would test the drivers. This ensures that the employees are sober while operating on or with some uneasy and typically dangerous equipment.

DoeTraJoe’soe’s drug test?

TradeJoe tries to avoid drug tests as much as possible to build an employer-employee bond in the work areas. Another prime reason for such avoidance is that they think imposing such harsh rules makes it challenging for the management to find friendly, dedicated, and reliable employees.  

There are specific locations where it tends to have drug tests done for its employees, but the frequency is nowhere near that of other prominent store locations.

What drugs do employers test for?

Drug tests that grocery stores do are:

  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Alcohol (Although not considered a drug, doesn’t cause any problems)
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines


Do employers tell you about drug test results?

Employers will inform you when you pass a drug test and do not pass a drug test. They would go ahead with the hiring process if you passed. Companiusuall d doesn’t leave in the dark; they also understand you’re waiting for the results. However, sometimes the results can be late because we don’t send the test results on weekends.


Can you retake a pre-employment drug test?

You can not retake the drug test because tests are very accurate. Companies do not want to allow a retest and give a candidate time to flush out the drugs from the body.

Typically, your first and foremost sample is reanalyzed as a unique sample when you dispute a drug test. Substances cannot enter or leave the container as they are stored carefully. You will receive a clear statement with the new results by phone or email as soon as you analyze

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