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The thrift store has never been out of the trend. Many people I have met shop from the thrift store even though they can afford to buy new stuff. I prefer thrift stores, not because of one single reason but many…..

Reselling goodwill items

Thrift Store sells second-hand clothes (reselling thrift store clothes) and household goods, typically to raise funds as additional income or for a Church or charity. Making money reselling thrift store items can be very lucrative if you have a purchase plan and use social networks and apps to promote products.

Let me discuss them one by one. That is why you should also go to thrift stores more often than bubuyew or expensive stuff t: there is always a time when we do not need any extra stuff, but we tend to buy them. Let’s say shopping to get rid of homesickness or letting your boredom go away by doing some shopping.

There are also times when we need something urgently but do not have any extra money at the end of the month. I have explained that I have been through these situations. Since then, I have made up my mind to go to thrift stores/shops instead of wasting thousands of dollars on buying new and expensive stuff that I could not even afford. Not all the time, but sometimes, this thrift store really got my back.

So, the primary benefit of shopping from thrift stores is as follows:

Thrift store reselling improves your environment.

If we buy new stuff, the market has to produce more, and they need more resources for more products. More resources mean more damage to our environment. That means that the skin of animals will be required for leather and furniture, and the twill has been cut down. And if we look at the life of these products, we might feel wrong about them. For example,

Things to look for at thrift stores to resell:

  • Leather shoes: 25-40 years
  • Plastic bottles: 70-450 years
  • Nylon clothes: 30-40 years
  • Cotton: 1-5 months
  • Tin cans: around 50 years

These are some of the age categories in which stuff we use and its age befalls. If you use plastic, it will not decompose for more than 100 years, so producing more and more plastic products means that the next seven generations can use them without the products decomposing.

So why do we bother to let the market industries and factories produce more plastic products? We can use different methods to sterilize the products to be used again.

It will not only allow nature to breathe, but the water pollution will also end, and marine life will have ease in its life cycle. None of us know the aquatic life problems caused mainly by the plastic garbage we throw in the sea.

If animals with fur have to stay in the wild without their own fur, isn’t that the worst regard we are giving them while using their fur in our coats? If only we could reuse the products, would not it be the better option? We need a solution, and in many ways, thrift store reselling is the ultimate option.

What to do with ‘SO MUCH STUFF’?

If you are also the one who has no space in them because of overstuffing, then SELL them. Exactly, selling the home furniture and extra stuff to others is the best solution in some ways mainly.

1- You can use the space for other purposes.

2- You can make enough money by just reselling them to others in need.

3- people who can not afford to buy new stuff can reuse your stuff, and I guess it’s also a kind gesture.

4- The more you have space, the less you have. Which is great for simplifying your life.

How to start thrift store reselling?

If you are interested in opening or starting your thrift store, here are some tips before moving toward the tips. It is excellent that you have opened your store; it will make you an income and keep your area in shape. Many people waste stuff that is not much in use, but you can use it before it gets wasted. So,, fo this purpose, first of all, explore your area.

1- Strolling + exploring

Take a long walk in the night and bring all the stuff that you feel is useful. People might have dumped them, so pick them up. After bringing them to your place, clean them, check if they work properly, and then sell them for half of their price. It can be a machine (home appliances), clothes, toys, or anything.

2- Use the small area of your home

Use your garage or a small room of your home as a place to put all the stuff you can then upload on any website you want, maybe on any popular social site in your country, or you can launch your website too.

3- Pricing stage

Price them at half their original prices, and there you go, but it’s always better to research the product’s market price. It will generate sufficient income, and you can feel the sense of living a simple life without stuffing your home with more stuff you do not want.

Also, some apps allow you to order your stuff while sitting at home.

Since it has never been wasted, some people do business with it and earn quite good money every season from thrift store reselling. Now, it is not a complex task. Here are some popular apps to sell on:

  • Poshmark

Postmark is a simple app that allows people in the United States to sell and purchase used or new clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is a social commerce market.

  • Depop

It is also a social app based in London and operates in New York and Milan with 18 million users.

  • 5 miles

5miles is also a platform that allows users to sell and buy used stuff, such as cars, furniture, heavy machines, etc.

  • Chairish

chairish is a giant online market for decor and chic, where you can buy gently sued furniture and decor products of almost every variety.

  • Vinted

vinted is a Lithuanian company where you can buy and sell clothes, accessories, etc.

  • Instagram

Instagram is considered the largest social media platform to find thousands of people selling and buying from their accounts.

You can use any other popular app in your city or state to find a thrift store easily and shop from there. In my experience, I have seen and even ordered from a few of the online thrift shops on Instagram and Facebook.

It would help if you searched the shops according to your location. Otherwise, you would have to pay extra shipping charges, which wouldn’t be good.

So the crux of this is that thrift store reselling is not -risk low-risk or bad for reputation; even the international marketplace is doing a large business. So can you.

Note:  If you buy online stuff, you must be extra careful about paying for it. Always ask for the extra images of the additional product you want. Check the size chart and match it with your size because there are usually more than three country sizes available on the chart size. Euro, US, Chinese… so in these three sizes, sometimes deciding what size yours is becomes challenging. So, match your size with the shop’s size chart, then discuss it with the customer service representative for extra tips.

Clarify your payment method with the shop and then checkout. Usually, the customer service representative helps you choose the perfect matched produce. But for the apps or websites, you are on your own. Some websites provide CSR facilities but act on automated replies, and you can not even ask for extra images.

Carefully look over each item before purchasing it.

Of course, you will deal with some cons (hurdles), some of them being hygiene and damage. It is normal to see damaged stuff in thrift stores, so be careful about those things. You can always choose the best among them, and still, it won’t be any expense to you.

Before buying any product, look through it and find the perfect size for yourself. Even after purchasing a product, it is always better to let it be rewashed (dry cleaned) if it is related to clothing.


Thrift store reselling is a better way to shop than other mentioned methods They clearly o.thatdpsay that it is profitable and alsou in many different ways.

People spend on clothes, and after wearing them for quite some time, they get bored with that dress and want to buy a new one. It is not a problem if you want to purchase new ones and discard the old ones. The minimal change you can bring in your buying and spending habits over here is that you can buy from thrift store reselling. In this way, you can save 70 percent of your money, and when you want to discard them, that won’t bother you, though it is expensive or not.

Be frugal in spending on clothes.

Good luck.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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