How to Get Your Dog Sponsored? – Making $10,000 with Your Pet’s Instagram Post

Dogs are adorable animals, and everybody cherishes them. The brands have also started joining in the cute fest. You can also make ample money if you take the proper steps, sponsor your dog, and become an influencer in the pet universe.

The delight one gets upon looking at an adorable dog is unmatchable. The Internet is flooded with posts of animals, especially dogs dressed as your favorite food or movie characters, and dogs chewing on their favorite treats with ASMR!

find sponsor for a dog

People are more generous with their like buttons when they stumble upon a cute post on social media. Pet-related posts’ engagement on social media has seriously caught the attention of brands, so if you have a dog, you can try to get your dog sponsored.

The dog agency

The Dog Agency, founded in 2015, is the first talent agency exclusively focusing on pets. Loni Edwards founded it, a Harvard Law School graduate turned fashion-tech entrepreneur; after taking note, Chloe, her miniature French bulldog, was picking up social media engagement.

Because of her law background, other pet influencers started approaching her for advice regarding brand partnerships and contracts they were getting.

The agency acts as a central hub that makes it simple for the influencers to grow their brands and get proper support while serving their full-time jobs. It also makes it easier for the brands to launch a campaign with a pet influencer without putting a lot of thought into managing it.

Until 2017, the Dog Agency represented over 100 top pet influencers globally. However, they have expanded beyond dogs and now represent bunnies, monkeys, cats, pigs, and chinchillas.

The Dog Agency owner states that a pet influencer with over a million followers can earn as much as $15,000 per sponsored post. 

Getting your pet to pose for an awe-worthy picture is complex. At the rate this industry is growing, one has to wonder whether this trend will change the human-pet relationship dynamic, a perfect example of simple joys and pure love.

How to Get Your Dog Sponsored?

Here are some ideas on how to get your dog sponsored:

  • Contact local businesses: Approach local businesses such as pet stores, grooming salons, and veterinary clinics and ask if they would be interested in sponsoring your dog. In exchange, you could promote their business on your dog’s social media page or website.
  • Attend pet-related events like dog shows, adoption events, and fundraisers. You can network with other pet owners and businesses and pitch your dog sponsorship idea.
  • Use social media: Create a social media page for your dog and post regular updates and photos. You can also contact pet-related brands on social media and inquire about potential sponsorship opportunities.
  • Contact dog food companies: Reach out to them and ask if they would be interested in sponsoring your dog in exchange for promoting their products on your social media pages or website.
  • Collaborate with pet bloggers: Partner with pet bloggers with a large following and ask them to feature your dog in one of their posts. In exchange, you could promote their blog on your social media pages.
  • Offer advertising space: If you have a website or blog, you could offer advertising space to pet-related businesses in exchange for sponsorship.
  • Create a sponsorship package outlining the benefits of sponsoring your dog, such as increased brand exposure and community engagement. You can then send this package to potential sponsors and use it as a tool to pitch your sponsorship idea.

How do I get my dog sponsored on Instagram?

If you want to be sponsored on Instagram, you must have at least 10000 followers (to attract better brands). In the next step, you must register on several Instagram Influencer Marketing platforms (AspireIQ, Heepsy, etc.) and connect with large brands. Using sponsored posts, dog-promoting influencers can earn money. This process is simple for being a pet influencer on Instagram or YouTube.

If you think your pet has the potential to become a pet influencer, then you can take the following steps to begin with:

  • Completing the Groundwork: Your pet’s social media presence is necessary before you can attract an agency or brand’s interest. Your pet’s engagement must be consistent, and the content needs to be good, with high-quality photos, videos, and funny, witty, and heart-warming captions.

Even before a company decides to take on an introductory call, it collects all the data regarding the number of impressions and likes your pet is getting and saves your pet’s posts. Overall, it is all about making your pet visible enough on the Internet that brands may start noticing it.


  • Building a Brand: When you look for a product in the market, you try to know and understand every aspect of that product. Similarly, you need to understand that you are building a brand for your pet. When people visit your pet’s page, they learn everything they need to know to keep them hooked on your pet’s life.


This creates new worries about making content all day, recording your pet doing the usual cute stuff or something unique, and tricks only your pet can do because you’ve trained them hard. You might also get the feeling of being at work all day.

All of this is essential to ensure that people feel they are getting to know your pet and building a connection with its story. You can ensure this by posting regularly, staying in the dialogue, and ensuring they see your posts.

  • Content is the Key: One easy way of ensuring quality in content has top-notch photography in your posts. Along with it, if you have a story to tell, it helps. For instance, your pet is recovering from an ailment, overcoming its fears, experiencing something for the first time, or learning a new trick. Some stories are inspiring and heart-warming, and people remember them for a long time like an abused pet making a recovery and overcoming abuse trauma.
  • Giving all it takes to become a top pet influencer: Looking at a pet’s cute photos and videos on Instagram and other social platforms makes it seem easy, but it requires a lot of time to get your pet to pose for a single photograph. People usually don’t realize it and think that pet parents take photos and write captions without genuine effort. 

Several takes of the same photographs did not make the final cut, and a lot of time went into editing them to make the pictures perfect and writing clever captions for them. Creating quality content regularly is a real challenge because social media algorithms won’t push your content if you don’t post regularly.

A significant portion of a top pet owner’s time goes about going places to get that perfect snapshot of their pet and finding those delicate words that fit well with the photograph. Sometimes, they have to get a little creative with words. Most of all, it is essential to cherish the love that you share with your pet. So, doing what you love is extremely important while keeping your eyes on opportunities that may come your way.

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