How Many Millionaires Live in the Villages Florida?

In the US there are 7.8% of adult citizens are millionaires. So, there will be approximately 16 300 000 millionaires in the US in 2023.

However, one of the most significant numbers of millionaires lives in Florida villages. Florida Villages as retirement communities have mostly adult residents, usually retired, and they have the most effective savings.

How Many Millionaires Live in the Villages of Florida?

There are approximately 13800 millionaires in Florida Villages. This projected approximation can be based on the assumption that 10% of the adult population in Florida villages are millionaires.

Based on a List of U.S. states by the number of millionaire households published by Phoenix Marketing International, we can see that in Florida, around 5.87% of homes are millionaires. Based on the latest polls, approximately 10% of all adult residents in Florida Villages are millionaires. Because 138000 adult citizens live in Florida Villages ( latest 2022 data), we can say that there are approximately 13800 millionaires in Florida Villages.

The average net worth in the Florida Villages is $681 505, around 10% more than Florida State’s $619,275 average net worth.

Several vital factors likely contribute to The Villages’ higher average net worth than the rest of Florida.

  1. Retiree Population: A majority of the population in The Villages is retirees. These individuals have typically accumulated a lifetime’s worth of wealth through savings, pensions, social security benefits, investments, and real estate assets. They may also have paid off significant debts, such as their mortgages, resulting in a higher net worth.
  2. Real Estate Value: The Villages, due to its reputation as a premier retirement community, has experienced rising real estate prices. Many residents own their homes, and the increased property values contribute to a higher net worth. The median home price is Florida Villages is $388,000, 3% above the national median.
  3. Lifestyle and Exclusivity: The Villages is known for its amenities, community events, and high standard of living, attracting wealthier retirees who can afford this lifestyle. This level of exclusivity naturally skews the average net worth higher.
  4. Location: The Villages’ central Florida location provides residents with a favorable climate and easy access to various attractions, driving demand and property values in the area.


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Florida Villages is a retirement community located in the sunshine state of Florida. The area has something special that sets it apart from other places: it’s home to an estimated 8460 millionaires. That’s 10% of the adult population in the villages, making them one of the wealthiest places in the country.

Interest facts about Florida Villages:


Those who choose to retire in Florida Villages have plenty of reasons for doing so. It’s sunny and warm year-round, which attracts retirees from all over the world looking to escape cold winters and enjoy some leisurely activities. In addition to its excellent climate, Florida Villages offers its residents access to some of the best healthcare services and plenty of cultural amenities in addition to its superb environment.

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Being such an affluent place has made Florida Villages attractive for luxury real estate developments and investments. From spacious beachfront mansions to lavish golf resorts, there are plenty of options for a high-end lifestyle here. Furthermore, since most retirees in this area are wealthy enough to pay cash for their dream homes, investors can take advantage of taking on lower-risk investments with higher returns compared to other places.

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Many millionaires also mean plenty of business opportunities within Florida Villages. From restaurants and boutiques catering exclusively to retirees to spas specializing in age-reversing treatments, entrepreneurs can easily find ways to make money while providing quality goods and services aimed at those who settle here permanently or temporarily during the winter months.

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Finally, with so many wealthy people living side by side within Florida Villages, it’s natural that philanthropy is part of this retirement paradise’s culture. Charitable organizations receive generous donations from residents who use their wealth locally and abroad for social causes they believe in or support simply out of goodwill towards their fellow humans.

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In conclusion, if you’re looking for a place to retire comfortably while enjoying all life has to offer, look no further than Florida Villages. Home to thousands upon thousands of millionaires who take advantage of this area’s abundant opportunities for wealth accumulation or aim at leading a luxurious lifestyle among well-heeled peers, this remarkable community stands out as one of few places where you can truly live life on your terms without worrying about money ever again.

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