Where Are the Florida Villages Located? – List of all Florida Villages

Florida is in the southeastern United States, bordered by Alabama to the northwest, Georgia to the north, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. The Sunshine State has many small villages and larger cities, each with unique charm and beauty.

Florida village for adults
The Florida Villages represent a master-planned retirement community located in sunny central Florida. Living in The Villages is like being part of an extended family. It has a strong sense of community with plenty of clubs that focus on a specific hobby or interest, such as art classes, gardening clubs, or even pickleball groups, something for everyone!

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With healthcare facilities conveniently located around town, there is no need to worry about medical expenses, either. This makes this area ideal for retirees who want an enjoyable lifestyle without sacrificing convenience or quality care for themselves or their families.

Florida has plenty of options if you’re looking for a quiet paradise. Here are some of Florida’s most picturesque villages and where they can be found.

Interest facts about Florida Villages:


Where Are the Florida Villages Located?

The Villages Florida are located in Central Florida, spanning across Sumter, Lake, and Marion counties between Ocala and Leesburg. It is easily accessible via US-441/US-27 to the west and U.S. 301 to the east. Further defining its boundaries are County Road 42 to the north and County Road 468 to the south, while two of its main east-west corridors are County Road 466 and County Road 466A. The other significant streets crossing through The Villages are Morse Boulevard and Buena Vista Boulevard, which run north-south.

Florida villages on map

The Villages boasts many activities for those looking for an active retirement life. It offers over 1,000 miles of golf cart paths connecting individuals from one end of the community to another and three separate town squares with shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, parks, and event pavilions.

In addition to these amenities, numerous churches provide spiritual services for all denominations and faiths within The Village’s borders. Nearby outdoor recreational sites such as Silver Springs State Park in Ocala and Lake Griffin State Park in Leesburg offer camping opportunities and nature hikes or bike trails for those looking to get away from it all while staying close by.

What county are the villages in Florida?

Florida Villages are part of the following counties:

  • The Florida Villages of Lake County
  • The Florida Villages of Marion County
  • The Florida Villages of Sumter County (North of 466)
  • The Florida Villages of Sumter County (South of 466)

Florida villages map districts

Located across the Sunshine State, the villages of Florida are a unique type of municipality that provides local governance and services to their residents. These villages are located in four counties: Lake, Marion, Sumter (North of 466), and Sumter (South of 466). Each county offers unique attributes, from the beautiful scenery and attractions around Lake County to the rural atmosphere of Sumter County. Let’s take a closer look at each county and its villages.

The Florida Villages of Lake County

  • Del Mar.
  • El Cortez.
  • Hacienda.
  • La Reynalda.
  • La Zamore.
  • Mira Mesa.
  • Orange Blossom.
  • Silver Lake.
  • Valle Verde.
  • Country Club.

Lake County is located along Central Florida’s nature-filled corridor, just a 43-mile commute from Mount Dora to the Orlando International Airport. It contains many large lakes for fishing, water sports, and other outdoor activities.

Silver lake Florida Villages

Lake County, Florida, has outstanding beauty and vast opportunities. Located just north of the bustling city of Orlando, Lake County is where residents and visitors alike can enjoy the great outdoors, relax in a peaceful environment, or take in some of the many cultural attractions.

The county covers over 1,000 square miles and is populated by more than 347,000 people. Bordered by Marion and Sumter counties to the east and Orange County to the south, Lake County is part of Central Florida’s inland region. The county has 16 municipalities, including Del Mar, El Cortez, Hacienda, La Reynalda, La Zamore, Mira Mesa, Orange Blossom, Silver Lake, Valle Verde, and Country Club.

The natural beauty of Lake County is second to none, with its numerous rolling hills and crystal-clear lakes. The largest Lake in the region is Lake Apopka, which spans nearly 30,000 acres and provides plenty of lakeshing opportunities for sportfishing enthusiasts. Other significant bodies of water include the Harris Chain of Lakes, located near Leesburg, which consists of nine interconnected lakes ideal for boating activities like kayaking and canoeing or simply enjoying a summer swim.

The area also offers various wildlife refuges you can explore, such as Erick’s Marsh Wildlife Refuge in Tavares or Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, which contains one of Central Florida’s most diverse wetlands. Over 300 species of birds have been identified here.

For those looking for an educational experience, several museums are scattered throughout the county, too, such as the Mount Dora Museum Of Modern Art or the Mote Morris House Museum, where visitors can learn about local history from early pioneer times to the present-day. For outdoor adventurers, there are plenty of hiking trails at places like Alexander Springs National Park, where you can discover stunning views from atop one of its many steep ravines or visit one of the park’s many springs, which serve as home to some interesting aquatic species that call these waters home.

Of course, no trip to Lake County would be complete without sampling some delicious local cuisine! From quaint restaurants like Corkscrew Winery & Vineyard near Clermont to well-known chains like KFC in Eustis, there’s something to satisfy any palate! And if shopping is your thing, you’ll find plenty at spots like The Villages, where you can shop for unique items at its many specialty shops or browse through local boutiques offering fashion finds from around the world! No matter your preference, you’ll find something interesting while staying here in lovely Lake County!

Marion County of Florida Villages

Marion County is situated in North Central Florida between the Atlantic and the Gulf, and it provides ample opportunities for exploring nature — from freshwater springs to national forests.

See beautiful Florida Woodbury farm:

Florida Woodbury farm

The Florida Villages of Marion County include:

  • Calumet Grove.
  • Chatham.
  • Piedmont.
  • Springdale.
  • Woodbury.
  • Briar Meadow.

Florida Villages Sumter County (North)

Sumter County (North) covers acres of beautiful nature-rolling hills on the north side between I-75 and Interstate 4 (I-4).

Sumter County (North) villages are:

  • Alhambra.
  • Belle Aire.
  • De Allende.
  • De La Vista.
  • Glenbrook.
  • Hacienda.
  • Palo Alto.
  • Polo Ridge.
  • Rio Grande.
  • Rio Ponderosa.
  • Rio Ranchero.
  • Santiago.
  • Santo Domingo.
  • Summerhill.
  • Tierra Del Sol.

Sumter County nature

Samter County nature

The Florida Villages of Sumter County (South of 466)

Florida Villages in South Sumter County are:

  • Amelia.
  • Belvedere.
  • Bonita.
  • Bonnybrook.
  • Bridgeport at Creekside Landing.
  • Bridgeport at Lake Miona.
  • Bridgeport at Lake Shore Cottages.
  • Bridgeport at Lake Sumter.
  • Bridgeport at Laurel Valley.
  • Bridgeport at Miona Shores.
  • Bridgeport at Mission Hills.
  • Buttonwood.
  • Carolina.
  • Charlotte.
  • Duval.
  • Hadley.
  • Hemmingway.
  • Largo.
  • Liberty Park.
  • Lynnhaven.
  • Mallory Square.
  • Pennecamp.
  • Poinciana.
  • Sabal Chase.
  • Sanibel.
  • St. Charles.
  • St. James.
  • Sunset Pointe.
  • Tall Trees.
  • Tamarind Grove.
  • Virginia Trace.
  • Winifred.
  • Ashland.


The Villages offers homeowners many amenities, such as golf courses or movie theater complexes; Bushnell gives visitors many options regarding recreation activities.

We can see that each county within Florida features an array of vibrant villages, ranging from quaint small towns embedded in rich history to bustling commercial hubs packed with modern establishments. From Lake’s serene lakefronts down to South Sumters’ protected natural areas, there is soLake’sg delicious for everyone regardless of preference or lifestyle.

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