Does Onlyfans Accept Amex in 2023? – Onlyfans Amex Card

Amex card or American Express card represents prepaid and credit card issued by company America Express AXP. American Express company has its processing network as same as Mastercard or Visa.

If you have an Onlyfans account, you wonder does Onlyfans accept America Express Card. We tried to answer this question, and I tried several Amex cards to add to Onlyfans.

Does Onlyfans Accept Amex?

No, Onlyfans does not accept Amex cards.  If you try to add an America Express card to the Onlyfans platform, you will get the message “Your card’s security code is invalid.” This error indicates that Onlyfans currently rejects Amex cards.

My security code is excellent but Onlyfans does not accept security codes and Amex cards.

Below you can see a screenshot where Onlyfans reject my card, does not accept Amex card:


onlyfans amex card added error

This problem started just in 2020. Since that year, I can not add an Amex card to the Onlyfans system. If I try to add Visa or MasterCard, Onlyfans accept both cards.

Please read how you can recover the OnlyFans account.

If I see any future changes, I will update this post.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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