Can I Use a Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card on Amazon?

Using a Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card on Amazon is an excellent way to shop online without using your credit card. Vanilla Mastercard gift cards are prepaid cards you can purchase online or in stores. They provide a secure way to pay for items purchased at Amazon without using a credit card or store-specific retail gift cards.

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Can I Use a Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card on Amazon?

Yes, you can use Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card on Amazon. However, you can use a maximum of two Vanilla cards per order and can not pay subscription payments. 

When using a Vanilla Mastercard gift card on Amazon, knowing how these cards work and what restrictions may apply is essential. Here are some tips for using your Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card on Amazon:

  • Enter the 16-digit card number and 3-digit security code exactly as printed on the card in the payment fields on Amazon.
  • You can only use up to two (2) Vanilla Mastercard Gift Cards per order, so you’ll need to place multiple orders if you have more than two cards.
  • You cannot split payment between prepaid debit cards and other payment methods, including credit cards or bank transfers; each order must be paid with either one or two prepaid cards.
  • Prepaid debit cards cannot be used for subscription payments, such as monthly Prime membership fees or recurring orders from Amazon Pantry/Subscribe & Save programs; they may also not be accepted when purchasing certain digital content like books and movies from the Kindle Store or Audible Store.

I tried to buy an Amazon Prime as a monthly subscription using a Vanilla Gift card, and I was rejected.

When using your Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card on Amazon, make sure that you have sufficient funds in the account balance of your card before making a purchase; if there isn’t enough money available, then your purchase will be declined by Amazon, and you won’t be able to complete your checkout process until you add additional funds onto the card or switch over to another payment method altogether.

Using a Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card is an easy way to securely shop online at Amazon without worrying about giving out your personal information or banking details over the internet, making it an ideal payment option for those who want added peace of mind when making purchases online!

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