Can I Add Money to My Vanilla Mastercard?

There are two different cards on the market: a Vanilla Mastercard gift prepaid card and a MyVanilla card.

Can I Add Money to Vanilla Mastercard?

No, you can not add money to Vanilla Mastercard because Vanilla Mastercard is a prepaid, non-reloadable card. When you spend all your money from Vanilla Mastercard, you must buy a new gift card. However, MyVanilla Mastercard is reloadable, and you can add more money, especially at Walmart.

Please see the screenshot below from my computer of the page where you can buy or reload your MyVanilla Card:

myvanilla card reload


MyVanilla Mastercard is an exception, as it is a reloadable card. By signing up with MyVanilla and providing personal information, consumers can manage their funds online or by phone and add more money to their accounts anytime. One of the most convenient ways for consumers to add money to their MyVanilla cards is through Walmart’s MoneyCWalmart’sress kiosks, available in many locations across the United States.

Customers use their debit or credit cards at the kiosk to load cash onto a secure Walmart MoneyCard before adding it to their MyVanilla account balance. Customers can also use the Green Dot Reload @ the Register service, which is available at select retailers such as CVS Pharmacy and 7-Eleven stores nationwide. To use this service, customers provide cash with which they want to load their cards, plus a small fee that varies depending on the loaded amount.

Another way people can add money to their MyVanilla accounts is via direct deposit. However, this option may take several business days before funds become available and requires users to set up direct deposit with MyVanilla first. Finally, customers can also transfer funds from other bank accounts by visiting and clicking on “Transfer Funds” followed by “Link Another Account” under the “My “accounts” ta” to link n” “heir bank account associated with their MyVanilla account so that transfers can be made between them quickly and easily without having fees deducted from each transaction like those charged when using other services such as Western Union or MoneyGram ExpressPayment Service.

In conclusion, while adding money directly into a Vanilla Mastercard account isn’t possible, not a reload individuals who have registered for a MyVanilla Mastercard can take advantage of various services available for them to add more money whenever needed without having any additional fees taken out of each transaction or having to wait several days for funds to appear in their accounts like with direct deposits from banks and other financial institutions.

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