How to Get my Netspend Account and Routing Number?

Getting your Netspend Account and Routing number is an easy process that only takes a few minutes. With these two pieces of information, you can directly deposit money into your account, pay bills online, and receive payments from other people. Fortunately, Netspend makes it easy to obtain both numbers quickly and securely.

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How do I get my Netspend account and routing number?

To get your Netspend Account and Routing number, send an SMS text directly to 22622. Additionally, callĀ  1-866-387-7363 and select the option for Other Services to get your Direct Deposit information.

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You can get your Netspend Account Number and Routing Number by text message or by calling customer service.

  • 1) Sending a Text Message: To get your Netspend Account and Routing Numbers by texting 22622, open the messaging app on your phone and type “DIRECT” in the body of the text. T” en hit “send. You should receive two 16-digit numbers in response: one for your account and your routing numbers. Make sure to keep these numbers safe!
  • 2) Calling Customer Service: If you prefer not to use texting, you can call 1-866-387-7363 to reach Netspend’s customer service hotlineNetspend’s reach an automated menu, select the option for Other Services to get your Direct Deposit information. After additional verification, a representative will immediately provide you with both numbers over the phone.

Either method makes getting your Netspend Account and Routing Numbers fast and secure. Once you have them safely stored away, you can set up a deposit into your account quickly or make payments online without worrying about switching between different financial institutions or payment methods. Whether you’re using these numbers for personal or business transactions, rest assured that they are safe with Netspend as long as you keep them out of sight from potential fraudsters.

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