How to Find My Daycare EIN Number? – Daycare Tax ID Number Lookup in 2023.

Leaving newborns and toddlers to child specialists and full-day helpers can be intimidating and overwhelming. First, it is not easy to put your children under the care of new faces, which is why it is imperative to do a meticulous check and detailed exploration in terms of security, facilities, training, and the legal status of a particular daycare center. Being convinced about protecting your child is essential, which is the parents’ ultimate priority. Trustworthy and reliable daycare facilities involve qualified staff and proficient caregivers who are professionals in their field with degrees and certification in childcare and help.

A credible daycare setting promotes and fosters developmental progress, keeping in view children’s individuality and uniqueness to a particular interest. In addition, professional caregivers are specialists and promise professional handling of newborns and toddlers regarding health and emotional well-being. Apart from the proposed professional services, the parents should also monitor and analyze the childcare facility’s legal standing and status. It is also an integral determinant for finding the proper care for your child.

Let us see the daycare EIN lookup process:

How to Find My Daycare EIN Number?

You can find Daycare EIN or tax identification numbers if you call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or visit your state’s Taxpayer Assistance Center. Additionally, you can find the EIN  in your  W-2 form, or you can contact the Daycare provider lookup website in your State.

I will share with you steps on how I got an agent on the main IRS phone:

If you call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040, please try these steps:

  • Choose option 2 for “personal income tax.”
  • Press 1 for “form, tax history, or payment.”
  • Press 3 “for all other questions.”
  • Press 2 “for all other questions.”
  • Do not enter when the voice asks you to enter your EIN to access your account information, do not enter.
  • In the new menu, Press 2 for personal or individual tax questions.
  • You will be transferred to an agent.


If you decide to call Taxpayer Assistance Center, type the nearest location and ask for help. The taxpayer assistance center will help you with Daycare Tax ID Number Lookup.

Taxpayer Assistance Center Office Locator screenshot

If you cannot find your EIN, remember that you can claim childcare credit. To see the steps read our article Can I File for Daycare Without Their EIN.

The Internal Revenue Services of the United States of America requires all businesses and entities, including childcare services and professional caregiver facilities, to declare an Employer Identification Number used to check the business’s current tax status or establishment. This number is officially used to file taxes and allows the organization to run effortlessly without impediments. Because of this, parents are advised to formally require the EIN of the particular daycare they are interested in avail of services. Parents do not need to know the EIN of any facility; however, it may be required in specific scenarios. If you think of applying for tax credits and deductions, you may need the EIN for the application. Childcare expenses are drastically increasing regularly, and during this time, claiming tax credits are a blessing. To claim child tax credits, you should have the Tax Identification Number for the child care provider. This number will provide valuable information in document verification and determine if you can claim a tax credit under IRS guidelines.

The Tax Identification Number is obtained from the Internal Revenue Service and is a prerequisite for all businesses, including daycare providers. This number is also referred to as the Employer Identification Number and should be adequately highlighted on the tax document and records the daycare facility provides to the government.

In addition, the IRS dictates that the EIN should be mentioned on the tax documents and official notes if you have any professional alliance with the business, have availed facilities from that business, or provided an additional amount as a charity.

If you own a daycare facility, you must provide the Tax Identification Number to the parents who are availing childcare services and professional facilities from the business owned. Parents require this number to appeal for child care expenses through tax returns. There is no requirement of a minimum amount invested by their parents, and as the business owner, you cannot deny providing this information to the parents even if they owe you money.

There are numerous methods to identify the daycare provider’s Tax Identification Number.

  • Child care services

First, you can contact the daycare facility directly and request the company’s Tax Identification Number. The EIN is known to the business employees; however, if the employees have no access to this number, you may contact the business owner or the proprietor. However, if the business is on a small scale or acting as an independent entity, you can send them IRS form W-9 to request the number. The owner is bound to provide this information and the official name and address of the small-scale business.

For example, you can visit the Day Care Provider Lookup website in Illinois.

daycare provider lookup in illinois screenshot

  • Securities Exchange Commission

Public entities habitually provide financial records and official documents to the Securities Exchange Commission to provide information to investors who can analyze investment opportunities. If the childcare program is a part of a public company and operates on a publicly-traded basis, the Securities Exchange Commission documents will have the Tax Identification Number. The SEC-related number can be found on the Edgar database by mentioning the name of the daycare business.


  • GuideStar nonprofit directory

You can find the EIN through if the daycare business is a nonprofit company. This is a reliable platform for sharing EIN for nonprofit companies and encouraging them to be transparent regarding the business. This platform works on sharing the EIN for better results and consistency for clarity and maintenance of credibility. You can also search for EIN on websites such as and

  • W-2 form
    The EIN is a necessary document on tax-related papers and files. This number is available on the W-2 form if you are the employer of the daycare.

A W-2 form is the fastest way to find your daycare EIN. Your EIN you can see in the upper left corner just like on the image below:

EIN lookup for daycare on W2 form


  • Social security number

The social security number can also be used as an alternative for EIN. This option applies if the daycare services operate on a small scale and have no employees. Other conditions should also be met for the social security number. If the business is working as a sole proprietor, IRS has a different state, such as its limited capacity.

You can also find the EIN on the monthly billing record sent to the parents. Certain businesses mention their EIN to save time and avoid complications.

The entire concept of child credit tax involves monetary returns for having more children.

As per the latest trend set by The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, the credit tax has been increased from $500 to $1000. This was recently augmented, and you can claim child credit tax up to $2000 per child in 2021. If you have more than three children, this amount can go up to $6000, and you are eligible to receive $1400 per child. Apart from the age and other legal requirements, there are income limits too. It would help if you met the income threshold to be eligible to claim the child tax credit. Full-time college students aged 17-18 or 19-24 receive a throwaway monetary compensation of around $500 per child.

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