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If you are considering becoming an Apple Authorized Reseller, you are likely already aware of the benefits that this status can bring. From increased credibility to access to discounts and marketing support, becoming an Apple Reseller can be a valuable step for your business. However, the process of becoming a reseller is not always straightforward. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps you need to take to become an Apple Reseller and maintain this status over time.

How To Become an Apple Reseller?

To become an Apple Authorized Reseller, you need to have a formed company, a proven selling record, and a credit line. In addition, a minimum quarterly turnover of $30,000-$100,000 of Apple products is expected to maintain the status. This requirement demonstrates a commitment to promoting and selling Apple products effectively.


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To become an authorized Apple reseller, you’ll need to follow several steps. First, note that Apple requires its resellers to provide high customer service and support and only allows businesses that meet specific criteria to sell its products.

  1. Do Preliminary Research: Understand what being an Apple reseller entails. You’ll need to provide quality customer service and uphold the standards and reputation of the Apple brand.
  2. Establish a Retail Business: If you don’t already have a retail business, you must establish one. This will involve incorporating your business, getting a business license, a tax ID number, and other legal requirements, depending on your region.
  3. Create a Business Plan: Apple will want to see that you have a viable business plan that includes selling their products. Therefore, you must indicate how to sell and market Apple products.
  4. Apply to Become an Apple Reseller: Visit Apple’s website to find the online application. It’s on their ‘Reseller’ page, under the section for ‘Authorized Resellers.’ The application will ask for details about your business, including your business plan.
  5. Attend Apple Training: If your application is accepted, you must attend Apple’s training. This could include online training or physical training sessions at an Apple location. In addition, you’ll learn about their products, sales strategies, and more.
  6. Buy Initial Stock: Once an authorized reseller, you must buy your initial stock of Apple products to sell in your store. Your purchase amount will depend on your store size and the agreement with Apple.
  7. Adhere to Apple’s Policies: As an Apple Reseller, you must uphold Apple’s policies and guidelines. This includes how you sell and represent Apple products; you may need to adhere to their pricing structures.
  8. Provide Excellent Customer Service: Apple requires its resellers to provide high customer service. This could include providing product knowledge, troubleshooting help, and a helpful, pleasant buying experience.

Remember, Apple is very selective about its resellers, so meeting the requirements doesn’t guarantee acceptance. Instead, they often prioritize businesses that enhance the brand, reach new customers, and provide superior service and support.



Eligibility Requirements to Become an Apple Authorized Reseller WorldWide

Becoming an Apple Authorized Reseller is a prestigious opportunity that allows businesses to offer Apple products and services to customers while benefiting from Apple’s brand recognition and support. However, to qualify as an Apple Authorized Reseller, applicants must meet certain criteria and agree to specific guidelines set by Apple. In this article, we will explore the expectations and requirements that aspiring Apple Authorized Resellers should be aware of.

  1. Adherence to Apple Identity Guidelines and Trademarks: Apple has established clear guidelines for using its brand identity and trademarks. As an Authorized Reseller, you must follow the Apple Identity Guidelines for Channel Affiliates. These guidelines provide instructions on using Apple Channel designations, trademarks, copyrights, and product photography. Therefore, reviewing and complying with these guidelines is crucial. They can be found at and
  2. Product Expertise: Authorized Resellers must possess a high level of expertise in Apple products relevant to their market. This expertise is essential for accurate information, guidance, and customer support. Additionally, staying updated with the latest Apple product offerings, features, and specifications is crucial.
  3. Minimum Turnover Requirement: To maintain the status of an Apple Authorized Reseller, a minimum turnover of $30,000 of Apple products per quarter is expected. This requirement demonstrates a commitment to promoting and selling Apple products effectively.
  4. Demonstration Product: Authorized Resellers are required to purchase and maintain current demonstration products. For iPads, this typically involves having at least one (1) iPad from the Apple product range. For CPUs (computers), it is necessary to have a minimum of one (1) notebook and one (1) desktop per location. These demonstration products enable customers to experience Apple products firsthand.
  5. Training and Marketing Events: Apple organizes training events and marketing updates relevant to each market. Authorized Resellers are expected to attend these events hosted by Apple within their respective state or region. By actively participating in these events, resellers can stay informed about new product features, sales strategies, and marketing initiatives.
  6. Channel Communication Database: By including your contact information on the application form, you agree to be added to Apple’s Channel communication email database. Apple may contact you via email or other means to provide information about Apple products, services, and updates related to the Apple Channel. This ensures that Authorized Resellers are aware of significant announcements and opportunities from Apple.
  7. Approval for Location Changes: When applying as an Apple Authorized Reseller, specify the locations where you intend to operate. You must seek Apple’s approval if these locations change or are replaced. This ensures that Apple is aware of and approves the distribution and representation of its products through authorized channels.

Authorized reseller for Apple in the United States

Specific criteria must be met to become an authorized reseller for Apple in the United States. The aspiring reseller must purchase at least $100,000 worth of Apple products annually. Additionally, they must operate a storefront or another type of sales location.

The reseller should be able to offer customized solutions to customers, including specialized hardware, software, and network configurations. They must also stock a substantial number of demo units, including monitors.

They must have been in business for at least two years and possess an established credit line of $25,000 with their primary bank or financial institution.

Furthermore, the reseller must be committed to actively promoting, recommending, and selling Apple’s service and support products. Lastly, the potential reseller must maintain a professional, walk-in service location with sufficient personnel. This includes having certified Apple technicians available to ensure customer satisfaction.

Becoming an Apple Authorized Reseller comes with the advantage of associating your business with one of the world’s most renowned technology brands. However, it also requires a commitment to meet Apple’s expectations and guidelines. By adhering to the guidelines for the usage of Apple trademarks, demonstrating expertise in Apple products, meeting the minimum turnover requirement, maintaining demonstration products, attending training events, staying informed through communication channels, and seeking approval for location changes, you can establish a successful and mutually beneficial partnership with Apple as an Authorized Reseller.

Becoming an Amazon reseller involves a significant amount of work and strategic planning. However, you can build a successful online business by choosing the right products, providing excellent customer service, and complying with Amazon’s rules.


Step One: Form Your Company

The first step to becoming an Apple Reseller is establishing your business as a legal entity. This typically involves forming a company or registering as a sole trader or partnership. You will also need to obtain any relevant business licenses or permits required in your area. This step is critical, as Apple will require evidence that you are a legitimate business before proceeding with your application.

Step Two: Build a Proven Selling Record

To become an Apple Reseller, you must have a proven selling record, demonstrating your ability to promote and sell Apple products effectively. This may involve working with other technology brands or developing a solid online presence through e-commerce or social media. Your selling ability will be closely scrutinized during the application process, so providing evidence of your past sales success is crucial.

Step Three: Establish a Credit Line

As an Apple Reseller, you will need to finance your inventory purchases. You must establish a credit line with a vendor or supplier. This typically involves providing financial statements and other documentation demonstrating your financial stability and creditworthiness. You may also need to pay a fee or deposit to secure your credit line.

Step Four: Meet the Turnover Requirements

To maintain your Apple Reseller status, you must meet a minimum quarterly turnover requirement of $30,000 in Apple products. This requirement ensures that Apple Resellers actively promote and sell Apple products rather than simply using their authorized status as a marketing tool. If you struggle to meet this requirement, consider developing new sales channels or partnerships to expand your reach.

Step Five: Apply for Apple Reseller Status

Once you have met all the requirements and have had a business for several years, it is time to apply for Apple Reseller status. This typically involves completing an online application form, providing supporting documentation, and completing a review process by Apple. If your application is accepted, you will receive access to discounts, marketing support, and other benefits of being an Apple Reseller.


Becoming an Apple reseller is valuable for any business in establishing credibility and expanding its reach. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can successfully apply for Apple Reseller status and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Remember, maintaining your status as a reseller requires an ongoing commitment to promoting and selling Apple products effectively. With the right approach, however, becoming an Apple Reseller can be a valuable investment in the future of your business.

Remember, the details above about becoming an Apple Authorized Reseller seem misplaced. If you’re interested in becoming an Apple Authorized Reseller, it would be best to refer to Apple’s specific guidelines and criteria for their program.

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