How to Check if a Debit Card is Active Online?

Plastic money seems to be the right choice for countries genuinely concerned about the disastrous environmental impact. It is the ideal way and sensible adoption to produce sustainability and convenience. Plastic money is a concept that has considerably expanded and integrated into daily life affairs as a noteworthy replacement for cash and paper money. Debit cards, credit cards, store cards, and prepaid cash cards are examples of plastic money. This type of money is readily available and significantly reduces the risk of dealing with a large amount of cash for security and other reasons. There is no need to carry huge stacks of money around as you can make the exact amount of payment with the help of a single card and a single button. Plastic money is trendy in most countries, and banks and financial platforms prefer using plastic money over cash.

How to check whether my debit card is active or not?

Call the card’s issuer and ask to check if the debit card is active. Then, call the number on the back of your card and check if your debit card is active. If the debt card is inactive, customer service can reactivate the card.

Additionally, go to the bank website to activate your debit card online, but only if this option is available. Some banks do not have an online activation option.

How to Check if a Debit Card is Active Online?

To check if a debit card is active online, visit the bank or card issuer’s website, log into your account, and search for your debit card. Usually, you will have the option to activate the card when you generate an ATM PIN. However, some banks prefer phone calls for debit card activation.  The phone number is on the back of your card.

Let us see a few examples:

when you check online find url on the back of your card

For example, if you have a VISA card and on the back is the URL, when you visit the website, you will see the following:

Vanilla gift card login page to check is your card activate


If you have a debit card on Commerce Bank, then you can access it from the homepage:

check debit card on Commerce bank website

For example, if your debit card issuer is Navy Federal, you can visit and check your debit card on the website:

check your debit card is activated on navy federal website

A debit card is a popular form of plastic card that is issued and delivered by your bank. Instead of using cash, you can use debit cards to pay for any item, purchase, or service at any retail shop or merchant. Therefore, the exact amount will be withheld from your bank account, acting as a safe alternative for cash. A debit card is directly connected to your bank account, either savings or a current account.

Debit cards and similar cards have become extremely common, just like smartphones. They are a luxury and a basic necessity in the age of cashless dealings. However, you must memorize and protect your PIN identification, which is mainly required during transactions and deductions. If you are new to debit cards or planning to renew an old or unused one, you need to ensure that the bank activates the debit card. You must activate your card to make purchases and use ATMs or other bank services.

When a new debit card is issued, you will receive a sticker or a brochure explaining the card’s activation before use. However, stress is necessary if you do not have the sticker or have lost the main brochure.

Pressure is essential as the banks provide multiple activation methods. In addition, different banks have a policy of double-checking your card activation status to save you from the trouble and embarrassment of a potentially inactivated card.

How to test if a credit card is active?

To test if a debit card works, you can try the following:

  • Call Debit Card Company
  • Use an Online Banking account.
  • Visit the ATM and test.
  • Try an online debit purchase using a four-digit pin.

With the rise of digital banking and the increased use of debit cards for a wide range of financial transactions, ensuring your debit card is active and ready to use is critical. An active card has been linked to your bank account and is ready to process transactions. For the average person, checking if a debit card is active online can seem daunting. However, it’s a straightforward process when broken down into simple steps. Here is a detailed guide on how to check if your debit card is active online.

Step 1: Visit Your Bank or Card Issuer’s Website

The first step in determining if your debit card is active online is to visit your bank or card issuer’s website. Ensure that the website you’re visiting is the official one. Many phishing sites online replicate banking websites to steal customer data. Check the URL for spelling mistakes, and ensure it begins with “https://” as the “s” signifies it’s secure.

Step 2: Log into Your Account

To view any information about your debit card, you must first log into your account. This typically involves entering your username or account number and your password. If you have forgotten your login credentials, most bank websites have the option to recover or reset this information.

Step 3: Navigate to the Debit Card Section

Once logged in, navigate to the section that details your banking products. It may be under tabs such as “My Accounts,” “Card Management,” or “Services.” The actual label may differ from bank to bank. You should find your debit card and other banking products with the institution here.

Step 4: Check Your Card Status

Click on your debit card number or the “View Details” link. This should give a detailed view of your debit card, including its status. An active card should have a status such as “Active,” “Open,” or “In Use.” If it states “Inactive,” “Closed,” “Suspended,” or “Lost/Stolen,” then your card is not active.

Step 5: Activate Your Card

If your card is not yet active, you usually have the option to activate it online. Activation typically involves verifying your identity, accepting the card’s terms and conditions, and possibly setting up a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Follow your bank’s instructions for activating the card.

Some banks might not offer online activation, requiring you to call their customer service or visit a branch in person. If this is the case, there should be a number on the back of your card or the website for you to call.

Extra Steps: Regularly Check Transactions and Balances

Beyond merely checking if your debit card is active, it’s also prudent to regularly check your transactions and balance. Look for any unusual activity and report it to your bank immediately. Most banks offer an online portal or a mobile app where you can check your transactions, balance, and other account details anytime.

Call Debit Card Company – customer service.

Reliable banks and financial institutions have separate departments to answer customer concerns. The toll-free number for customer service is readily available online or mainly on the respective debit card. If you are unsure about your debit card activation status, you can call the customer service number and check the activation status. However, if you require an in-depth interaction in response to your queries, you can also visit different bank branches available at multiple physical locations. A representative will be happy to assist you and activate your card right on the spot.

Visit the Online Banking account.

Some customers prefer using their bank facilities via their online portals or apps. By logging into your account, you can also activate the debit card. Some banks provide an automatic facility for activating the card before a formal notice. If your bank offers automatic activation, there is nothing to worry about; however, if the activation is not automatic, you can still use customer service or visit them in person.

Visit the ATM and test.

There is a policy of automatic activation if you withdraw or deposit via ATM. Some of the banks offer this facility if you use their ATMs. However, the deposit cancellation is high if you use an activated debit card on a different bank’s ATM. However, you need to check your bank’s policy regarding this, as a few banks will also activate your debit cards if you use them at any other ATM.

Try an online debit purchase using a four-digit pin.

Different banks have different policies, and some banks activate the debit card automatically if you make a debit purchase with the help of a four-digit PIN. However, this option has certain limitations as you process your debit card as a credit card or use it online. You are most likely to experience an inactivated card.

The concept of plastic money may appear convenient and easy. Still, suppose someone can access the PIN, security code, or expiration date. In that case, the person possessing the card may be able to use your activated debit card at different locations to withdraw money and make purchases. Debit card information is susceptible and should be kept under wraps to protect it from potential theft. Keeping a debit card significantly reduces your chances of visiting the bank at all times. You can use this card with any merchant or retailer and pay with the help of a swiping machine. You can easily extract money and get financial statements and other details of your finances with a debit card and ATM. Nowadays, different countries and governments are encouraging people to use cashless transactions. As part of the promotion package, various outlets, platforms, banks, and merchants provide sales, discounts, and offers on shopping if done through plastic money. As the concept grows, you need to be mindful of the ATM frauds that have significantly increased over time. Online hacking and fake swiping machines are some cons of using plastic money. It would help to never share your PIN with anyone to avoid potential theft and take extra safety measures to protect your information.

Let us answer on few questions from our members:

How do I check the balance on my active gift card?

Active ride shop gift card balance can be checked if you call the customer service phone number or visit Active Ride Shop’s website to check the balance on your Active Ride Shop gift card.

You can read more in our article on checking your Visa debit card balance.

How do I activate my navy federal credit card?

To activate your navy federal credit card, sign in to the digital banking portal, select your credit card, and click on the option “Freeze card.” When you unfreeze your card, it will be active.

How to activate a Mercury credit card?

To activate the Mercury credit card, you can contact Mercury credit card customer service or go to the website, and there you can type in your card number and activate it quickly.

How to activate Chase’s business debit card?

To activate Chase’s business debit card, you need to log into your account at with your username and password, or you can call 800-432-3117 and activate your debit card by phone.

How to activate Schwab debit card?

To activate a Schwab debit card, call 1-888-403-9000 and activate it by phone, or log in to the Schwab phone app and navigate to Card Manager by tapping the “More” icon at the bottom right corner of any screen. Choose “Client Service. And then “Manage Cards.” Here you can activate, lock, or unlock your Schwab cards.

How to activate a Bank of America debit card?

To activate a Bank of America debit card, call the phone number on the back of the card and enter your card number when prompted. Additionally, you can go to, log in using an online id and password, and check your credit card activation. If you purchase or use a Bank of America ATM card will be automatically activated.

Credit and debit cards may appear similar; however, their use and application may differ. Credit equates to buying or depositing money, goods, and services but paying for them later. However, if you avail of any facility or buy an item with the help of a debit card, a specific amount of money is deducted from your bank account at the very moment.

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