How to Save Money Over the Summer? – 12 Ideas

Summers are great to go out and about and have fun.

Nonetheless, it can burn a hole in your pocket.
Travelling, Entertainment, Daycare, and Electricity Bills can prove out to be expensive than usual.

In today’s Blog Post, let’s discuss some money-saving tips for Summer to help you splurge less and tackle your expenses.

How to Save Money Over the Summer?

People can Save Money during those warm months in summer by run errands on the bike, save money on the power bills, use only 1 car, combine the To-Do list, plant a garden, travel on the budget, stop paying for cable TV, working online jobs, etc. You can try to cook outside and let your laundry dry outside. Take advantage of extended evenings.  Plan ahead for future home and garden projects.


1. Run Errands On Your Bike:

Ditch your car and cut your fuel bill by riding your Bike to the Grocery Store, Bank, Restaurant, and more.

Apart from being economical, riding a bike is super eco-friendly and makes for a great workout.

To conveniently run errands, you can attach a basket to your Bike.

Don’t forget to wear a helmet and take the necessary precautions before making it to the main road.


2. Go Down To One Car:

Going down to one car is one of the best money-saving tips in Summer. 

Not only it saves you money, but it’s equally great for the environment.

Instead of expending your money on a second car, choose Carpool, which is an excellent way to save on Parking and Toll Fees.



3. Combine Your To-Do List :

Combining your errands will help you to save valuable time and extra money on transportation.

It will also enable you to get multiple things done at the same time.

Although this might require more planning, you’ll end up thanking yourself in the long run.



4.Plant A Garden:

Imagine having organic fruits and vegetables to eat right in your backyard for much less than you would buy them for at the grocery store.

Cost-effective, right?

Initially, you might have to invest a certain amount in buying plants or seeds and maintain your garden.

However, growing your own garden is one of the best money-saving tips for the Summer months.

Start with planting rudimentary plants like Tomatoes, Lettuce, and Herbs.



5.Get Rid Of Your Gym Membership:

Do you have a Gym Membership, but you rarely can take out time for it every day?

In that case, quit your Gym Membership today and save money. 

Instead, opt for freehand exercises or Yoga during the summer. 



6.Travel On A Budget:

Never make the mistake of breaking your bank account to go on a fun family vacation.

Here are some  money-saving saving tips for lessening your expenses on vacation:

  • Be flexible with your flight schedule.
  • Stay in an Airbnb.
  • Eat like a local.
  • Opt for free campsites.



7. Turn Your Air Conditioner Up A Few Degrees:

Did you know that you can save a little on your utility bills by turning your AC up just a few degrees?

Yes, it can save you around 10-11% or more on your next electric bill.

Go ahead and purchase a programmable thermostat, which will enable you to set exact temperatures for different times of the day. It is recommended to set your Thermostat between 76 to 78 Degrees.



8. Invite Your Friends and Family Over:

Instead of going out and spending money, invite your family and friends at home for a small get-together. 

Cooking and having delicious meals at home costs far less than eating out at restaurants. 



9. Stop Paying For Cable TV:


Did you know that the average monthly cable bill amounts to $120 and will escalate more?

If you are struggling to save money, cut your cable subscription and head out for less expensive entertainment.

Instead, go for streaming services to help you save money while still watching your favorite TV Series and Movies.



10. Start Meal Planning:

Did you know that the average person wastes over 40-42% of the food they purchase?

Yes, 40-45%!

In that case, one can try out a $5 Meal Planning Service.

Upon subscription, Meal Plans will directly be mailed to you along with the exact shopping list you need to create the meals.

Meal Plans are an excellent way to save money and track your food expenses smoothly.



11. Buy Second-Hand Items:

If you are looking for money-saving tips during summer, go for second-hand items at Garage Sales and Flea Markets, which are generally held around this season. 

Here’s a list of items for cues:

  • Clothes
  • Cars
  • Furniture
  • Books & Textbooks
  • Jewelry



12. Opt For Free Entertainment:

During Summer, explore activities in your area which are free of cost.

To look for such opportunities, check out your town’s calendar and website to remain informed about the upcoming attractions and events.


Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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