The Best Online Trivia Games for Money

Playing online trivia games for money can be both fun and financially rewarding. If you have a knack for trivia, you can put that knowledge to good use and potentially earn cash or other rewards. Here’s a detailed look at some of the best online trivia games that offer monetary rewards:

We are sure you must have encountered several opportunities that mentioned: ” Earn Money Online.” But in most cases, they were hoaxes or spammy websites. The internet is flooded with such red flags, but today, in our article, we will mention 9 Authentic Apps that will legitimately make money for you. The apps are quick, fun, and free-spirited applications that can fetch you some fast cash.

Trivia apps that pay cash are applications by which you can earn a couple of dollars by doing small tasks such as playing a mobile game, watching an advertisement, or filling up a quick survey. Also, it would help if you understood that these applications are unreliable and safe.

In most cases, the chances are that these trivia apps that pay money will sell your private information to third parties. Also, they come up with technical glitches. So, if you are cool with these two nuances, let us dive deep into this compilation.

Here is a list of top quiz apps to earn money – trivia games that pay:

Ebates Rakuten Online Trivia Games for Money

Ebates Rakuten is probably one of the most genuine and authentic apps out of our best trivia apps for money. You may have watched their advertisement at some point and thought, “Woah! This seems unreal. Not sure if this is genuine”. But guess what? It is. Not every member on Ebates fetches massive payouts, but yes, many of them do.

Discounts and rebates have existed for as long as we can remember. Ebates is nothing but an updated version of the same. It works on the affiliate marketing model that brings us those fantastic deals, and based on each purchase we make, Ebate earns its revenue by commissions.

Influenster Online Trivia Games for Money

The power of sharing a community is priceless. And this is precisely how Influenster thrives. Influenster is a review-based community, a brilliant application wherein users can get free products if they submit genuine and good-quality reviews of beauty, skincare, and lifestyle items. Reviewers love this application because if someone reviews much enough, they can get a ” Vox Box,” a full-size beauty product shipped to their door.

However, this trivia app often experiences glitches. Other reviews have also mentioned that sometimes the delivery of products takes way too long, but overall, it is a pleasant experience.

HQ Trivia Online Trivia Games for Money

This application is the most prized one in our pool. HQ Trivia is a bright, fun, and exciting application from the makers of Vineis( a twice-daily live trivia gameshow). The show’s host, Scott Rogowsky, has a love-hate opinion, but the game is not hard to love. It is also a super fun and incredibly glitchy application.

So the game starts with some basic and easy questions, and eventually, the questions turn super hard as you go up in the game. In 12 questions, the winners share their earnings based on how they played. The game is super popular as each has, on average, about 400,000 to 600,000 viewers, so the amount may not be that much. If you do, make sure you do not forget to brag about it.

Book Scouter Online Trivia Games for Money

Book Scouter is a great application that allows you to sell books that no longer serve your interests or relevance. First, you start by entering the ISBN of your book on the application. If you do not know, you can search any book’s ISBN using your smartphone’s camera and then use the data to compare the prices. A quick tip is that the best prices are arranged on the top. You can complete the transaction once you select where to sell your books. Furthermore, all left is to package and ship the books for free with a provided shipping label. 

If we talk about App Store reviews, there are two issues. First, the books being sold are hardly worth anything much or substantial. Second, the algorithm of the applications is a tad bit faulty, making it crash several times. Still, if you want to try this out and have a couple of books lying around just like that, earning a couple of dollars is never a bad idea.

Drop Online Trivia Games for Money

Drop application: This application is like a virtual loyalty program. What this does is: first, you start by liking your credit cards and debit cards on this platform. Once done, you spend on brands like Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, and Zara. This enables Drop to automatically earn loyalty points, which can be instantly redeemed for gift cards, benefits, and offers. 

However, to make this work, the “Drop Points” need to reach 1000, equivalent to $1000. This is a timely process, but the payouts are massive in that turn of events. In this, you choose any of the five merchants/ brands of your choice where you shop the most. Be careful when picking these, as you can not change them later. The application works smoothly but has faced backlash for pathetic customer support. So weigh down the feature as you go, stay cautious, and shop on!

Foap Online Trivia Games for Money

Download Foam: This fun, money-making application lets you make money by selling your photos. In this application, you create your photographic web portfolio, which is listed on your account for buyers to see. Here, you get a chance to become a contributor to an enormous photographer’s community. You can upload unlimited photos and expect them to sell right, as this platform has buyers like Getty Images, Nivea, Bank Of America, Absolut Vodka, Pepsi, and many more. 

As per the reviews in the app store, this application is fantastic, but sometimes users feel that their photos are not being noticed by many. The payments are secured as this application is integrated with PayPal, but again, deciding whether to go for what you need to choose is like a gamble.

 iPoll Online Trivia Games for Money

Ipoll is an excellent old-school survey application wherein each can fetch you about $1. Also, they have this concept of “missions, giving you even higher rewards and payouts. Some examples of the mission could be visiting stores, clicking pictures, and testing some products before writing reviews.

This application has received some hate due to its strict qualifying levels. In most cases, the users can not qualify for the screening to take the survey and earn fast cash! Also, many people faced the issue of “violated standards,” They were then taken out of the application without crediting the amount or availing of benefits and rewards. But if everything turns out okay, this app should be tried for a couple of dollars.

Surveys On The Go Online Trivia Games for Money

We bring you another survey application, but the difference is that the Surveys On The Go application pays you in cash/ money and not by some virtual redeemable points. Some paid surveys are available monthly, wherein you can rate TV shows and movies or give out product or service reviews. Usually, the surveys take a couple of minutes to complete.

The app seems pretty decent, but it has received some heat in the past due to some controversies. First, this application is not accessible to people with visual impairments. Second, the apps extract more from the users regarding time and effort, which is not equivalent to what they pay. But if this trade-off seems justifiable to you, then go ahead and try this.

Mobee Online Trivia Games for Money

Download Mobee: Last but not least, we bring you a famous “secret-shopping” application. So, basically, mystery shopping is when retailers hire companies to” instruct a mystery shopper to make a particular purchase in a store or restaurant and then report on the experience.” The mystery shopper is usually reimbursed by keeping the products, or sometimes, they can receive small payments.

The fantastic thing about this application is that you can enjoy mystery shopping, even where you have already eaten or shopped. Also, you can earn points and benefits. But, just like most of the applications compiled above, Mobee also faces this issue of terrible customer support. Also, sometimes shoppers receive vague missions, confusing them and without pay or benefits. So gamble as per your call; if okay, give this a shot.

These were our best picks for this compilation. Each application has its features and cons, but you decide how you want to play around. Research well, stay cautious, and play on!

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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