Where Can I Cash a Western Union Money Order?

Banks and similar financial institutions provide a convenient way to conduct monetary operations and carry on financial transactions without complications. For the last two decades, the convenience offered by the financial platforms and consumers’ economic consumption and association is currently the driving force behind these institutions. Modern-day banking is more defined, regulated, and administered, responsible for receiving and providing fund deposits and loans to credible financial accounts.


Furthermore, commercial banks are also responsible for providing other financial services and plastic money such as credit cards, debit cards, and visa cards, performing investment functions, net banking, certificate of deposits, and dealing with insurance. They are the pioneers in providing a safety umbrella for public funds, making available, affordable loans, and are a significant proper drive behind a country’s economy. Reliable commercial banks operate globally and incorporate multinational aspects that help multiple communities regarding business operations and investment opportunities.

The establishment of modern banks, the remittance of cash, the exchange of local and foreign currency, and the transference of financial documents and records have helped make the world a globalized space. However, specific laws and regulations must adhere to benefit contemporary banking institutions.

Where can I cash a Western Union money order?

You can cash Western Union money orders at any worldwide Western Union location, including banks, grocery stores, check-cashing sites, or stores, even without a bank account. You only need a valid photo ID, a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), and the sender’s name.


Banks where you can cash Western Union money order

  1. Bank of America
  2. Wells Fargo
  3. Chase Bank
  4. Citibank
  5. Capital One
  6. PNC Bank
  7. TD Bank
  8. US Bank
  9. SunTrust Bank
  10. BB&T
  11. Fifth Third Bank
  12. KeyBank
  13. Huntington Bank
  14. Regions Bank
  15. M&T Bank
  16. Santander Bank
  17. BMO Harris Bank
  18. First Citizens Bank
  19. BBVA Compass Bank
  20. Webster Bank
  21. Zions Bank
  22. Arvest Bank
  23. Frost Bank
  24. First National Bank of Pennsylvania
  25. Fulton Bank
  26. Commerce Bank
  27. First Midwest Bank
  28. Trustmark National Bank
  29. WesBanco Bank
  30. First Financial Bank

Stores where you can cash Western Union money order

  1. 7-Eleven
  2. Ace Cash Express
  3. Advance America
  4. Albertsons
  5. Amscot
  6. Best Buy
  7. Circle K
  8. CVS
  9. Dollar General
  10. Family Dollar
  11. Food Lion
  12. Fred Meyer
  13. Fry’s Food Stores
  14. Giant Eagle
  15. Giant Food
  16. H-E-B
  17. Home Depot
  18. Hy-Vee
  19. JCPenney
  20. Kmart
  21. Kroger
  22. Lowe’s
  23. Macy’s
  24. Meijer
  25. Money Mart
  26. Murphy USA
  27. Office Depot
  28. Price Chopper
  29. Publix
  30. QuickChek
  31. Ralphs
  32. Rite Aid
  33. Safeway
  34. Sam’s Club
  35. Sears
  36. ShopRite
  37. Speedway
  38. Staples
  39. Stop & Shop
  40. Target
  41. The Check Cashing Store
  42. United Check Cashing
  43. Vons
  44. Walgreens
  45. Walmart
  46. Wegmans
  47. Winn-Dixie

Check-cashing sites where you can cash Western Union money order

Here is a list of the biggest check-cashing sites where you may be able to cash a Western Union money order in the US:

  1. ACE Cash Express
  2. The Check Cashing Store
  3. Check Into Cash
  4. Money Mart
  5. PLS Check Cashers
  6. Speedy Cash
  7. Advance America
  8. Amscot
  9. Cash America Pawn
  10. Cashland
  11. Check N Go
  12. First Cash Pawn
  13. InstaLoan
  14. Pay-O-Matic
  15. United Check Cashing

Challenges and financial predicaments are experienced in money transfers and cash deposits without a valid bank account. The cash flow and withdrawal, as well as credit, become incredibly convenient if you own a bank account, but you can still access and withdraw cash without a bank account. Currency can be acquired through money orders (Western Union) without the possibility of a valid bank account.

Western Union is a modern, safe, and secure way to send and receive money. Financial transactions can be completed and successfully concluded through establishments and institutions that deal with money orders. They are equipped with security features to maintain authenticity and through which money can be delivered to the listed and mentioned payee. Western Union is a reliable and well-known institute for directing and receiving money orders. The amount can also be deposited directly into the bank account, but it is not compulsory. Western Union can also send money through its platform without having a bank account.

If you do not have a bank account and want to cash a Western Union money order, then you can do so by the following methods:

Cash at a Western Union branch

Western Union branches and franchises are available at multiple locations for contemporary convenience. In addition, most convenience stores and retailers accept and validate the Western Union platform for easy cash transactions. You can go to the official website of Western Union and identify the nearest services locator and the agents responsible for cashing the checks. Select your country and city from the drop-down list on the website and enter the ZIP Code along with city and state details.

Click the ‘go’ button, and you will be shown a complete list of the nearest Western Union branches. The website will mention the essential information, address, and contact information. However, ensure you visit the department within office hours and know the directions before visiting the location. It is essential to mention that all Western Union branches do not facilitate cashing the check; therefore, try calling the department and confirming with the agent if they are providing this service.

How do I pick up Western Union cash?

To pick up Western Union cash, visit the nearest Western Union branch (any grocery store, bank, or money exchange place). You will get cash if you provide a valid photo ID, Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), and the sender’s name.


Upon arrival at the branch, provide your money order and government-issued identification card to the Western Union agent or representative to clear security concerns. The agents may require an additional dose of personal information. Therefore, you need to take a different form of identification. Due diligence is part of their job criteria; therefore, representatives can only submit cash and pay the listed payee on the money order. After clearing their doubts, the agents will initially confirm your identity and provide you with the payment.

If no Western Union branch or facility is available at the nearest location, you can cash the check using check-cashing services. They are responsible for providing instant cash. However, a small amount of flat fee is applied. Western Union does not enforce additional charges or flat fees; therefore, checking to cash may be slightly more expensive than Western Union. In addition to that, the supplementary costs or percentages enforced by the check-cashing services fluctuate according to the location. This is the opposite of Western Union, which only requires photo identification anti-money orders for cash procurement.

Western Union at US Stores

For me, stores are the best places to cash Western Union money orders. You can also visit my preferable local Kroger and use the check cashing department to cash the money order. They also require valid photo identification for those using the machine for the first time. A small enrollment form also needs to be filled out for first-timers. This is not lengthy and can be performed on the same day as a money withdrawal. You can quickly cash the money order by providing an additional $3 or $5 if the money order is $3000 or less for over $2000. If you prefer plastic money over cash, you can also directly deposit the money into the prepaid debit account.

Advantages to using Western Union money orders in stores in the US, including:

  1. Convenience: Western Union money orders can be purchased and cashed at various stores and retailers nationwide, making them a convenient option for people who need to send or receive money.
  2. Security: Unlike cash, Western Union money orders are traceable and can be canceled or replaced if lost or stolen, protecting both the sender and the recipient.
  3. Accessibility: Western Union money orders are available to anyone, regardless of whether they have a bank account or credit card, making them an accessible option for people who may not have access to traditional financial services.
  4. Affordability: Western Union money orders are typically less expensive than sending money via other methods, such as wire transfers, making them an affordable option for people who need to send money but don’t want to pay high fees.
  5. Acceptance: Western Union money orders are widely accepted by businesses and organizations, including landlords, utility companies, and government agencies, making them a versatile option for various financial transactions.

Overall, Western Union money orders offer a convenient, secure, and affordable way to send and receive money. Their widespread availability and acceptance make them a popular option in the US.

The pick-up process of the money order is simple and only requires the MTCN, the money transfer control number, and the identification card. Other details, such as the sender’s full name and the country, should also be provided to the Western Union agent.

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