How to Make Money Fast in California?

California is a sub-tropical state with warm summers and cold winters. Thanks to the famous film center Hollywood, worldwide known start-up center Silicon Valley, and all kinds of manufacturing, and agricultural industries, California is one of the major economic engines in the United States. Because of that, many people can make money fast because the source of income is on every corner.

How to Make Money Fast in California?

As a heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver, you can make money fast in California because strong manufacturers need transportation. This year, the driver’s salary is going up to 75K annually in California. Currently, there is high demand for this job profile. Additionally, you can work as a tanker driver or a distribution manager by processing inventory and distributing shipments, scheduling drivers tracking deliveries, and warehouse employees.

If you do not like hard-working job roles, you can provide massage therapy because California has a high demand for this type of service. On the other hand, if you live in California near Silicon Valley, you can find many IT jobs and work for excellent companies.

You can work in Hollywood in California in various positions, not just acting. There are a lot of opportunities for writers, screenwriters, producers, etc.

Below you can see the top-paying jobs in California:

California best paying jobs

Make money online in California by working from home.

The best ways to make extra money in 2020. are freelance jobs based on new advanced platforms (programming in a new language, working in keyword research on SemRush or Ahref), programming in Python, online teaching using Skype or Viber on any online communication tool, and offline jobs where you can use the preferred skill. Affiliate business is still the most common way to make extra money, but in 2020. you can try to promote new brands, new companies, and their products and be one of the first in the industry. Passive income is another good way to earn money in 2020 because slowly and patiently, you can make it while you sleep. The passive income can be generated from website development and content creation, online trading, youtube channel creation, etc.

Almost every country has the technology, and the new generation is more capable of working on technology, and they know how to tackle it. Like they are so much into it, unlike us, the not-so-old and not-young generation, we need to learn first and then apply the tech-based techniques to our work.

BUT! you can make extra money in a ton of ways. Still, million are working through the internet and making their side income. You might not believe that some people earn a mighty amount of money through just the internet from their home.

The following are the ways to make your side income. The plus point is you can make one of them your main job and generate as much as you want.

  • Use writing skills for side income.

First and the most amazing, or some might consider this way quite an easy job too, is blog writing. Once you know how to write and make sense of your content or article, your piece of work will never be rejected by anyone. You can write, and as much as you register, your typing speed will increase if it is not enough to write more pieces in a day.

You can create 3 to 4 articles in a day on your average typing speed. This is the best option as far as I can see.

It is like talking to others through your words; you can express your feelings and experience, whether good or bad, or write some morally based article, any tech article business, or guidance. Thousands and thousands of options are here available for you to write.

If you are not familiar with writing or pattern, take the example of what you are reading right now. You can also search the top articles or blogs on the internet, then copy them and type them as your practice; afterward, you will know how and what to write. Just brainstorm new ideas that will be good too.

The earning process is quite simple; after you write an article, you can publish it on amazon or sell it on freelancing sites. You can see the complete details of how to earn from freelancing in the other article.

You might be thinking about how much you can earn from writing; then the answer is that you can earn as much as you write. For example, you can make your price with your choice. You can charge 10 dollars for 1 article or trust 7 dollars for 1000 words you type.

  • You can write an ebook or novel for side income.

If we talk about ebooks or novels, you can rest assured of your income because this is very much in trend, and you can generate money quickly.

Nothing in this world comes free of cost; you have to pay for it one way or another, so the ebook writing might seem easy to go for it, but it demands time and focus. If you are willing to make more money, more time and focus need to be invested.

In ebook or novel writing, you need to plot the structure of any story and work on it until you improve your last mistake in it. Then publish it on Amazon with your desired price. You can also try publishing your work on Facebook or other social media sites.

You have to upload the cover, and after the payment verification, you can send the entire ebook or novel. The other plus point is that your ebook or book can be used to make vlogs or short videos, and you can also write for the media industry. This field is a highly paid industry. Media earns and sounds a lot from entertainment.

  • Freelancing

The next is freelancing. Freelancing is entirely related to blog writing or the writing field. You have to make your profile after signing up to any site you want; I recommend Upwork and Fiverr because of their reliability.

The process is simple as you need to sign up and make your profile, upload your work samples there, and start looking for a project with that your capabilities are compatible.

There are hundreds of projects popping up every single minute. Select the project you want to work on and send your proposal to the client; after getting the response, start your work, and do not forget to update your payment method.

  • Teach online

Nowadays, teaching online is one of the most affordable ways to earn extra. Many students are learning online, and they need coaching. This is the time to make it in this way. You can also help students and guide them regarding their exam patterns, how to study at home, and maintain their focus.

With the sudden shift of education regularly to the online classes in primary and high school, even graduates want to have guidance about how to give exams.

It is an easy job for you if you know the answers to their concerns. If you do not know the answers, you can google it and research it. Ask as many seniors or peers as you can to make a satisfactory conclusion to help them. After that, you can create your profile on Facebook or any social media site that you have popular in your country and go for it.

The more classes you take, the more it will be easier for you to make money. You can charge students less and ask them to gather more of their partners or class fellows to the class. This way, you will have more students, and you can market your teaching service entirely in this way.

It is not necessary to teach only books. You can also start giving coaching regarding anything you want, like the skills you know or are an expert in. for example If you are good at cooking or making crafts, you can teach your target group of students.

  • Teach your language to others who are interested.

As we can see that companies are trying to search those employees who are multi-linguistic or at least bilingual. So for reaching this level, many young people are saving this time to learn some persuasive language at much cheaper if you know any other speech or your mother language is influential like Russian, Spanish, or French, you can take this chance to earn a side income.

Once you start this, you will e gaining the experience to continue this job to get more money generated from this.

  • Cook lunch for the office

Cooking is the second profit-giving field to pay off double the money you spend in California. For example, if you like to cook and spend 50 dollars on buying ingredients, you will be earning 100 dollars with 50 dollars as a profit.

It is simple as you buy ingredients, but after cooking, you can make 6 to 10 servings from those ingredients and sell them at the average price, and you will still be getting the double amount.

So, this is another way to make money though it is not so simple to cook for such servings, and it will take fundamental skills too. after that, you can take the contract of any office or home for delivering the lunch only as to make a side income.

  • Take surveys as a way to make extra money.

If you are a homey person, making money is also possible in its prime. It would help if you merely spent, and in that one hour, you have to take online surveys one survey gives around 30 to 40 questions, and you get paid for it, like 5 dollars for each survey. If you are efficient in filling out surveys, you can solve 3 to 4 surveys each day and can make a decent side income through this.

This is not an option to rely upon for too long; it is just for the side income.

Sell extra stuff around your home as a side hustle idea.

If you do not find any extra time to spare another hour, then the side options to make a side income or you can make some extra money is through selling out some of your extra stuff at home.

There are tons of things that are unnecessary to us, but we keep them for nothing; you can sell them at half their original price and buy the necessary stuff.

The other better option for selling your stuff is your clothes. In one season you buy new clothes and before the season ends try to sell them rather than keep them for the following year. With this, you can generate extra money, and in the next season, you can buy new trendy clothes. This will save you time to pack them and place them in your closet, and also, it will save much of your space in your house.

Walk the pets or train them as one of the ways to make extra money.

You can walk other pets for an hour in a day and charge them for it. Now the question that comes here is how you can make a start. That is quite a simple take-start from your area.

Suppose your neighbors are pet owners, then great! Take the chance and ask them first about taking their pets on a walk and settle the charges you will take from them.

You can also ask your friends and coworkers.

There are a few limitations that will be in the way, too, like a rainy day and you cannot take the pet on a walk or if pets are sick or they might not get friendly with you, so these things are there to overcome.

Every task or work you will be doing to earn money will not be easy. There will be hurdles you need to settle yourself with them.

Rent your extra rooms or garage for extra money

The other best option is to rent out your extra space in the home. In this way of earning, you barely have to do anything. Just follow some steps. The first is to clean out the room, and the second is to make a legal contract for some security purpose with no illegal activities allowed.

There you go!


Savings are the last option. But as far as I experience this, I feel savings are the first option if you want to have some extra money; you can save much of your money from spending on unnecessary wants.

you can save :

1- By cutting down your cable and using the internet on cell phones.

2- Eat at home and save money that you spend on dinners outside.

3- Stay in one room and save on electricity bills

4- Shop from the local market rather than spending money on expensive things

5- Do not spend much on clothes for every season.

6- Try to have fun without spending money on entertainment.


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