How to Make Money RVing? – 29 Ideas

What is RVing? RV means recreational vehicle, a motor vehicle, or trailer, including living quarters designed for accommodation.RVing is a life journey, where people in the recreational vehicle travel as “modern nomads,” live on-road and in different locations.

Rving is a special life journey taking your lifestyle to the next level. Nowadays many people live on roads in RVs and spend their lives in there. Some sell out their houses and completely shift their home to RV, and some rent out their houses and live in vans to travel the world. This is a new experience in life. But everything comes with pros and cons too. The major con in spending life in RV is how to make earning while traveling on the road and finding the honest way to make money traveling in an RV.

So how to make money while RVing?

If you try to make money on the road and make a living on the road, you can work online business or sell products and services at the location. Online business involves working on a computer with internet access and providing online services while traveling on the road. While you do online business, earning money on the road can be either an active part job (online research, programming, writing, etc.) or passive income (investing in stocks, writing blogs, etc.). The best-earning money on the road is a combination of connecting online business and your current life on the road, making your trip reviews, youtube videos about your travel, etc.

Don’t worry; there are a hundred ways to earn while enjoying life traveling the world. I have specifically listed some of the ways through which you can make money.

1. Be an online assistant (temporary)

You can earn money by working as an online assistant; though this job can be on contract, some organizations usually ask for long-term contracts that allow you to earn money while you are anywhere. This is a remote job to earn money. However, every job I have listed down below is remote because somehow, it is quite difficult to earn money while traveling full time. You can only do one thing at a time.

2. Write articles online for different websites

Writing is the simplest way to earn money you can type while traveling; even as long as you write and read more, you can earn quite efficiently. Many ongoing projects ask for writers to write scripts, blogs, content books, and many more for others, and they pay you soon after you give satisfactory results to them.

3. Create a YouTube channel

You can also use your experience of traveling to make Vlogs and edit them and upload them. For this, you need to make a channel on YouTube and create the ideas to shoot your videos according to them.

It is normally effortless. In the first videos, you may find it boring and hectic while editing the videos, but it will be quite fun as soon as you know some of its main features to edit the videos. The more views you will get, the sooner your earning will start generating.

4. Photographing can make you money too

Photographing is also one of the ways to make earning. All along your travel, capture beautiful and eye-catching views in your camera and upload them to get views. You can even sell your pictures to earn money while traveling. There are freelancing projects or contracts to make a portfolio of the desired area you can travel to that area and click some pictures to earn.

5. Do some graphic designing and generate side income

Graphic design is quite one of the ways to earn more while sitting at home. This can be the most paying job you can have. You can work on a contract or even if you want you can choose to work full time. The second option is to make a portfolio of the graphics and sell them as a bundle and generate all amounts at once.

While traveling, there would be more time to get inspiration from your surroundings and do some brainstorming to develop new designs and ideas to work upon. When you rely on yourself, then making money from different ideas is not difficult to deal with.

6. Make and Design Clothes

You can also design clothes online even if you can; it is easier to make dresses too. But I guess it would be difficult for those who live in vans, so going for the design option is more suitable. Designing clothes and dresses online is a very feminine job, and girls mostly enjoy this work. Surely men can pursue this job as well.

7.  Web designing

You can design websites. It is not difficult either. It would help if you had a stable internet connection, and there you go. You can take contracts and work for individuals or companies as well. Is web designing takes your self-motivation stamina, and that’s it. It is also the highest-paid side job.

8. PowerPoint slides making

If you have the hands-on experience of using Microsoft office, you can also take projects to make ppt slides; you can even charge for slides or charge on an hourly basis. The other office options are also here. If you are more efficient in excel or word, you can go with those options too.

9. Tutorship or teaching

Become an online teacher; this option is quite suitable for those who like to teach and have some skills for teaching online. You can teach skills or books or help students regarding their concerns and get paid for it quite easily. Teaching is the respectable field of doing a job.

10. Teach your language

Teaching language is in demand, as many students travel to other countries to pursue higher studies, but the language is the only thing that stops them from going around. Many of them seek cheap rate language teaching courses to survive in the new and different states. If you know any language, this is a plus for you; if not, then teaching English is the ultimate best option.

11. Planting and gardening

As you travel, you can collect some special plants and herbs from the way, and you can use them to sell out to the city. This is quite an efficient way to earn money from things you buy from forests or anywhere while traveling and selling them in the market. Plants are the most effective way in this. You can make gardens for others and charge them for it.

12. Become a pet trainer

While traveling you get to know more about wilds from the nearby people of the area, so it will be quiet for you to walk or train the animals of others you can give online advice to your clients, or you can go to their places as well, and you can charge them as you like.

13. Selling and purchasing

Selling and purchasing is the smart idea to earn money, it all starts from the product fr example you can buy some products from one place and sell it to another place with placing your margin in the price. If you have bought something for 10 dollars, you can sell it for 12 dollars to gain 2 dollars as a profit; while traveling, you can trade things like this and generate enough revenue from it.

14. Create a website and market your services

You can even create or launch your own website for yourself. You can market your services over there while making a profile on it. You can upload the travel pictures or landscapes and your products and services like anything you are good at working for others. You can be an all-rounder that does not affect anything.

15. Write reviews

Writing reviews are the other way of making money; you can write a review about certain products you will be asked for and make money as many reviews as you write one day. Many people are doing this job around the world, and many products generating companies ask for feedback about their product and pay in return.

For example, pick a product from Amazon and start writing about it, what it is used for, the pros and cons of it, etc., its length can be around 400 to 600 words on average, and a good review length is around 700 words to 1000 words. So you can charge for words or per article.

16. Online Marketing

You can start online marketing; online marketing means selling something online. If you do not have any product to sell, then simply go for the contracts; let me clear over where you can get all the contracts I have been talking about since the start. You can get the contracts from up work or Fiverr; these are some of the online freelancing sites I trust, so I recommend both. Sign up there and make your profile and start taking projects like online marketing or writing or anything.

17.  Sell your work notes to make money

If you are a student or recently graduated from any university, you can start writing notes about the things you have learned and then make a profile on the social media site which is popular in your country and upload the covers when students get to know about your work then settle the price and send them. Writing and selling notes cannot make you rich, but you can make enough money to spend on your food for a month while traveling easily.

18. Become a Mystery shopper

Many people don’t know about mystery shopping, so here is what mystery shopping is. Many organizations or third parties pay you to go to the shops near you or in your area, check their products and prices, and do a complete survey hiddenly and give them the data based on what you see in return; you get paid for it. So this is also a side job wherever you travel you have to go to buy some groceries so you can make some money from mystery shopping.

19. Rent out your extra space

Before moving or shifting your home to RV, make sure to rent out your home or sell it out; you can have the source of income this way.

20. Sell your clothes

You can even make money by selling out your clothes on websites; for example, you can sell them on eBay or Amazon. You can deliver the clothes to the destination by yourself easily while traveling and make money.

21.  Become a tour guide

After traveling so much, you can easily become a trusted tour guide; with much experience, you can charge your desired amount of money from others. Make your profile and travel with others, or you can advise them after charging online. This is a fun job; you can enjoy traveling on both sides and make income through it too.

22.  RV guide.

Staying and living in an RV has made you experienced in RV. You know how to stay in and how to maintain it by fixing some parts by yourself. The necessaries and must-haves you know can guide them to others who want to live in RV or are new to RV and find it difficult to deal with this. You can also charge them for it.

23.  Become a Craftsman

If you are a craftsman or you know some skills, then this is for you while traveling, you will get enormous chances with a lot of variety in resources like wood, etc., you can turn them into a good piece of work and sell them online. The antiques are being sold at high prices. This fact and your work can make you rich someday.

 24. Become a Freelance writer

Freelancing is yet another to become a part-timer, you can easily generate quite a decent amount of money from it, plus there would be freedom in your hand to work or not to work or whether when to work and when not to work. And earn in multiple currencies like euros or pounds or dollars, then exchange them in your currency.

25. Proofreading or editing

If you are good at reading and working on the written materials, you can choose to work as a proofreader or editor. The work is that you are being given the typed material, and you have to proofread that whether or not there are any mistakes. The more pages you proofread or edit efficiently and effectively, the more you can earn from it. Not only material but books are being given too, so you can have fun reading books and edit them alongside.

26. Fill out online surveys

Few sites operate in west countries mostly, and those who live around in that region can avail of this chance. The work process is very much simple; all you need to do is to scroll and search websites, you can also play games on it, only those games that are being given on those sites and there are surveys too, you are asked to fill out surveys that usually contain around 40 to 50 questions and filling them out will give you dollars. You can earn from web searching and playing games too. Here is the list of the sites that offer money.

  • Earning
  • Gigwalk
  • InstaGC
  • DoorDash
  • Qmee

27. Design and create an app

Creating apps or designing them, or doing illustration work in them can make you generate more and more money because of its demand. People with software skills are highly paid; even if you work part-time, you can easily earn a handsome amount for a month through designing the apps or create them for companies. You can make the one as you like and can sell them on your website as well.

28. Video editor

You can help your tubers or social media influencers to edit their videos and charge them according to the per project. This is not that easy, but when you start investing your time into it, you will know how to deal with it. At first, all think the same about editing videos, and some left it in half.

29. Voice-over actors

Voice over actors is efficient people trying to play with their voice and change them into different tones. If you are among them, you can become the voice over artist and earn handsomely. You can work remotely as well if you have some hands-on experience in it. If you need to work for lip-syncing work, then going to studios is the most of it.

Earning money on the road is not easy, but freedom has no price. I hope that we provide you ideas on how to make money RVing

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Daniel Smith

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