How to Make Money Fast Before Christmas?

How to earn extra cash for Christmas

In the coming holidays, This is the question I think all students and young people especially want to know, that how to earn some extra dollars for Christmas and Thanksgiving and other holidays around to come.

As far as I can see, the average person has to spend like 1000 dollars on just buying gifts for family and friends, and before December starts, many people want to do overtime to earn some extra money. Since this is the thing, I  want to share some tips and tricks to be aware of how easy it is to earn extra money for holidays.

Like this is on my list to share with you, the first thing I do is make a schedule. Once you make a schedule, it becomes easy for you that how much money you are going to need for buying the gifts and how much you already have in your saving, etc.

If people need extra cash for Christmas, they can work online part-time jobs such as educate people (give language lectures), research, freelancer jobs on freelance websites. The next opportunity to get extra cash for Christmas is to sell stuff around home, work offline jobs such as Uber driver, photographer, bartender, tourist guide, deliver items to other people, etc.

People do this, especially in October, so within two months till or before December, it becomes obvious whether we have to earn more or our savings work.

How can I get extra money for Christmas?
If I have to earn so basically, I go for some part-time jobs that got my back every year. Just do them right, and you will have some extra money for the holidays. Here is a list of ways to earn extra cash for Christmas:

  • Work in retail 
  • Housesit (baby or pet)
  • Sell stuff around your home.
  • Renting out your car
  • Find one-time work
  • Give English (online) lectures to earn money from home.
  • Become an Uber driver
  • Shovel snow for others
  • Help people fix things around their home.
  • Help others to move their furniture.
  • Become a photographer 
  • Do Bartend for a month.
  • Become a guide for tourists
  • Deliver items for others (earn Errands)
  • Lend a hand on a farm
  • Make other’s resumes to get paid in return.
  • Manage social website accounts and get paid
  • Start writing blogs 
  • Teach a skill you know
  • Answer surveys online.
  • Give a try to a side business.
  • Rent out your space (Garage 0r room)
  • Freelance writing for others

Work in retail 

As the holidays are coming, the more work on retail shops come up; they announce the jobs for just part-time and seasonal. These jobs do not exist on a long-term contract, so side hustling can easily pursue this type of job. What matters is your time, which you need to manage during your side work, which is quite normal because in the holiday’s part-time jobs it gets really busy sometimes at work.

Housesit (baby or pet)

Before the coming holidays, these days of not only the retail but other jobs should be on your list.  Whether you can babysit for money or not, this is a warm job you should consider because all you have to do is stay in one place and take care of someone’s kids. In months like December or November, it’s chilly outside, which actually makes it super difficult to work for a long time in the evening.

In this perspective, babysitting is a viable option, but here is a piece of great news too, that not only people ask for babysitting but for pet sitting because, in this duration of time of year, there is usually heavy snow outside, which make it nearly impossible for pets to go for a walk that is why people tend to pay others to hire them for pet sitting.

In this way, taking this as a chance, you can make money without struggling in cold weather.

Sell stuff around your home.

People use such kinds of excuses that selling their home items is just a waste of time because people will not buy them.

Some say that selling home items make them embarrassed.

Regardless of making money, these kinds of excuses are nothing because I have seen a reality show where people sell their hoe items and others buy them and resell them to generate some profit. Reselling is a long process once you buy it and then you find someone else to sell it. So, in short, this way works to make money.

You can give it a try and try to make money.

Renting out your car

Finally, if you are a car owner, renting out your car is the preferable option that could make you more money than doing other part times longer. HOW?

Before the holidays come, many people travel to their ancestral houses to meet their families, and some leave the cities and go to their home towns. Wanting an affordable car is their need and making money from it is your need.

Setting out the charges and take this opportunity for good. You can carefully put a margin on the fuel cost. Within several trips you will make, there you can manage to get 1000 dollars quite easily.

Find one-time work

Many projects are uploaded online just for a one-time task (help). That task could be pool cleaning or home cleaning etc.; these such tasks pay as the work gets done. And you can pursue to work for others at the time you are available and free.

This job task comes on an hourly base too. So that is a plus point you can make more dollars on hourly basis work.

Rent out your textbooks to students

If you are a nerd or have the capability to write in a good manner, then write notes on journals and rent out them to various level students on a small profit margin; this way, students will get the help, and you will have some money in the end, the more you help other students, the more you can earn to meet your holidays budget.

When I was a university student, I like to write more, and I decorate my journals online and then get them printed. After attracting them, I sell them at a good price; this way, I never realized that I was making money, but my only intention was to sell them since I did not think about making money from selling out more journals (notes).

I was just happy about the selling part that people actually liked my work. I soon made up my mind that it was a good idea to make some extra money.

If you do not like to make it handwritten, you can do it in typing format; if you also do not like to type, then the other best option is to make the audio conversion into text. Many apps can work on it. You speak, and it will automatically get it typed. Your problem is solved easily. after that, print out that cover it in an attractive style as students like. Here you go.

Give English (online) lectures to earn money from home.

Many people want to pursue foreign opportunities, but their dream is just a dream because of the language barrier. Many students want to learn English to pursue jobs, and for this purpose, they try hard to find affordable courses online.

This is your chance to make some money without leaving your comfy bed in chilly weather outside; this is something quite straightforward to make some extra money after you go home from your 9 – 5.

Become an Uber driver

Do you have a car? That is the best option for you to give rides to others by yourself. In this, you can go to uber and submit your car and register yourself as a driver.

If you do not want to become a driver, then renting out your car is still in your hands to make extra money for holidays.

Rent out your space (Garage 0r room)

Many people relocate for different purposes because of the holidays, maybe for roaming around with family or friends or going for some work purposes.

You can take this chance and rent out your extra space of the home to people for a night or two or a week. This way you can earn a good amount of money without any struggling part.

Answer surveys online.

If you do not want to go outside for side hustling in the winter days, there is also another option for making some extra money for you, filling out the online surveys.

Yes! on different websites, you can get these types of surveys to fill them out and get paid in return. As far as I know, most websites pay 3 to 5 dollars for one survey, which lengths around 2 to 3 pages.

You can easily fill-out that in 10-15 minutes. For this, you do not have to be an extraordinary person with an exclusive profile along with some experience yoohoo! And do not have to go anywhere.

Teach a skill you know

Teaching skills and getting paid for this is also the easiest job you can consider; if you know how to cook, you can make more money than your imagination. Cooking meals and selling them is the one way to earn whereas giving the coaching of cooking is also the best option you can charge your desired fees from people and teach them how to cook.

You can go on an hourly base payment; in this, you teach them and charge on an hourly basis.

Freelance writing for others

You can do freelancing for others around the world. Make your profile on the freelancing websites and upload some of your already written samples to get the right work in less time. If you are great at doing web designing, you can take web designing projects, and if you are good at writing, you can manage to write even more words, then this opportunity is also for you.

You can take several projects for the season and get paid just before the holidays start because on the Christmas days everywhere is a holiday, and you can not get the payment on those days especially so be efficient and careful with the dates.


Give a try to a side business.

A side business is something you need to try before 6 months to Christmas, by doing this, you will have the soft margin of spending on your business and start earning from this.

Business ideas can be many beyond the limit of resources. You can do thrift reselling. You can buy clothes and design them to resell them. You open your boutique or start your own store. There are a lot of things around you. You can even use your services as a resource to do business. A side business can generate enough money for traveling and spending on Christmas.


Start writing blogs

you can start writing blogs for the websites, or you can launch your own websites and then make the blog and upload them through; this way, you can also earn many dollars at the end of the month.

Nearly what I heard, people can make up to 3000 dollars from just blogging. You can write about your experience to anything, or you can talk about the journey to somewhere you just traveled to. Yes, you can write anything to draw the attention of your readers.

Always give new things a try to experience what it has in it that you can or can’t do. Maybe you find pleasure in doing that job, for example, writing a blog. Once you start loving what you do, making money through that job does not make you tired.


Shovel snow for others

There is usually heavy snow around that people need to shovel in winters, and many old neighbors need help to get rid of that snow. This is your chance to make some extra money by doing snow shoveling for your old neighbors.

You can talk a walk around your house and ask many other people to shovel service their houses. You can easily do 3 to 4 houses a day, or on the weekends, you can boost this and take the number from 4 to 6 or 7 and earn more.


Help people fix things around their home.

For the decorations of Christmas, many old neighbors need help. This is my experience as well with my husband. We really enjoy doing decorations for Christmas and charge some minimal amount though it really makes our day happy and cheerful.

Together we spend some 2 – 3 hours getting the work done and making money from it. This is not only for Christmas but also for birthday parties or wedding ceremonies or even anniversaries. This is a fun job for those who have a compatible partner and some extra time and passion for doing this.

This can lead to event management as well. You can then be doing event management on a higher level and earn thousands of dollars easily.


Become a photographer 

On events and occasions like Christmas and others, photographing is also an option for you to make money. It would help if you had a camera, and you can place charges on each photo you take; after a day, you can send them to their owners and charge the fees.

For this, you do not need to be professional, but some basics are there for you to deal with; after that, you can start this and make money for Christmas.


Do Bartend for a month.

Especially in November and December, many get-togethers made the cafe and bars business flourish, which is useful because, in that season, the bars ask for more bartenders. You can take this opportunity to work in hotel restaurants and bars for part times.

This is also a fun option that you can enjoy working in the building, not anywhere outside, and after a night shift job, you can make a good amount of money.

Become a guide for tourists

Becoming a tour guide is a good opportunity to work on. in this season people around the city and outside the city come to enjoy their holidays that is a wandering job to become their tour guide as you know your city more than them. Take this chance and pack your bags to have fun along with them and earn from this job as well; this a duo of fun and money-making. You can take your partner along and make your holidays even more fun while earning some money.

For this, you need to go online or on any social media site popular in your city and make your profile a tour guide and start contacting people. You can also contact other guide companies and become their agent in your area. This is up to you whether to do this job part-time and on your own or work for a company and get paid in return. You can always choose between them.

I suggest going with the company option because they always got your back and paid you on their behalf in any delays or accident situation.


Deliver items for others (earn Errands)

It gets hard for people to move around more often and freely in the winter season because of the heavy snow and the chilly freezing air. They need other people to take their errands, and you can take this opportunity to make some extra money while you are already outside on your job.

Try to take the errands of your office nearby the area not to become an issue for you. You can charge them according to the fuel consumption and your services.


Lend a hand on a farm

If you live in the countryside where you can easily approach the farms, helping on the farms is something soothing and well money-making.

You then do not have to go anywhere far, and doing just simple chores on nearby farms can make you some money.


Make other’s resumes to get paid in return.

Before the new year starts, many people want to try their luck in different job vacancies, and for this, they need to make their CVs, which cuts off the time for them, and they need help. Of course, after graduation, many students do not know how to make and design their resumes, and they are willing to pay more for just their CVs. I have much experience doing this part-time. When I was side hustling last year, this was one of the things I did more often to make some extra money while staying at home.

For making just one resume, I charged 25 dollars, and designing hardly took my 2 hours only. Each night I spend my extra time on this, and within a month, I made 500 plus dollars. You need to google around and ask some senior fellows about the essential parts of resumes, and you can make it and earn money from it.


Manage social website accounts and get paid

In the holiday’s duration, people running their online businesses need the people to take care of their web pages or social media accounts in their absence so they may not miss any chance on their business in this way. They also pay for this service.

There is no need to go out to earning and in a comfortable, warm bed, you can do this job in winter by staying with your family.


Although making some extra money is necessary, especially in the holiday duration, we all want to have some extra money to buy some presents for our loved ones. But in the chilly weather outside, sometimes it gets tough to work overtime. Since this is the case, I actually work more on my saving part.

Before the winter starts, I do overtime for nearly a month and make some money, and after that, I start saving for up to 3 more months to the budget for holidays. And this really works for me.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is an experienced economist and financial analyst from Utah. He has been in finance for nearly two decades, having worked as a senior analyst for Wells Fargo Bank for 19 years. After leaving Wells Fargo Bank in 2014, Daniel began a career as a finance consultant, advising companies and individuals on economic policy, labor relations, and financial management. At, Daniel writes about personal finance topics, value estimation, budgeting strategies, retirement planning, and portfolio diversification. Read more on Daniel Smith's biography page. Contact Daniel:

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