Surprising Things You Can Buy With EBT in 2024

Due to unprecedented scenarios, unemployment, and fewer resources, some low-income families are forced to register under the government’s offered beneficial programs. Citizens who cannot feed themselves and fail to acquire necessities and facilities for themselves and their families are forced to participate in government-endorsed programs that offer housing, employment, food, medicinal services, and health benefits. Most developed governments reveal they established programs to assist low-income families and enhance their monetary budget to accommodate families under the poverty line.

If you are waiting for your EBT card, please check how to track it in the mail.

EBT card in the US

Accommodating low-income families is necessary for economic recovery and boosting employment opportunities and goals. To reduce poverty and maintain the ideal family living standards, most programs focus on neglected and underprivileged families that accept resources and monetary assistance from the state or federal government to bear their financial and social needs. These programs are primarily state and federally administered and aim to accommodate broad categories such as childcare assistance programs, employment opportunities, preparation, and temporary job assistance.

The United States relief program for its citizens incorporates the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP (read our article on how to find your SNAP number). It is a federal-based program that delivers financial assistance predominantly dedicated to low-income American citizens and residents and helps them through food and edible items. There are currently 9.5 million families registered with the SNAP program. It is presently the most extensive government-oriented program to ward off hunger and put food on the table of Americans. Aside from the current pandemic, this program aims to provide assistance and food relief to families with no financial background and wealth accumulation.

They aim to prevent undernourishment by incorporating many food items and working in alliance with food banks, community groups, and volunteer organizations to ensure community strength by delivering food and nutritional items. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is, casually known as the food stamp program, administered, regulated, and monitored by the US Department of Agriculture. They work with other social volunteer groups and communities to alleviate hunger and malnourishment as stipulated in the Food Stamp Act of 1977. Food items, medicines, and nourishment programs are provided to legal American residents but are run by state or local agencies. Citizens who are unemployed, old, disabled, children, or those with temporary and permanent illnesses are officially eligible under this program.

Let us see what you can buy with food stamps or EBT.

Surprising things you can buy with EBT in 2022 are vegetable plants, energy drinks, Indoor Planting kits, coffee pods, popcorn samplers, Emergency Kit Food supplies, Gift Baskets, and Seafood like lobster and shellfish. Additionally, you can buy toys that include food, such as the Groovy Growing Candy Lab or the Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab.

If enrolled in this program, you must understand the difference between eligible food items and comparable products.

List of eligible food stamp items (you can buy with an EBT card)

  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Dairy products
  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Bread and cereals
  • Seeds and plants produce food for the household to eat.
  • Other foods, such as snack foods and nonalcoholic beverages;

List of non-eligible food stamp items (you can not buy with an EBT card)

  • Any nonfood items
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Tobacco
  • Vitamins medicines
  • Supplements.
  • Live animals
  • Foods that are hot at the point of sale


Buy Grocery items with an EBT card.

Individuals and families can enjoy the SNAP benefits program by allocating an electronic benefit transfer card that operates similarly to a credit or debit card. This card accumulates food benefits provided to them by the government for a whole month. They can purchase fresh bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables, packaged items, meat, poultry, fish, snacks, nuts, and dairy products.

Buy Plants and seeds with an EBT card.

If you are enrolled under the SNAP benefits program as a farmer, you can purchase seeds and plants to enrich your farming business. These seeds that typically assist in growing household food items are allowed under the food benefits program. As a result, individuals can develop their fruits, vegetables, and other items for daily consumption.

Surprising Things You Can Buy With EBT at Walmart

You can buy many surprising things with your EBT at Walmart, including vegetable plants, games, energy drinks, and emergency kit food supplies. You can also purchase food-related toys like the Groovy Growing Candy Lab or the Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab.

First, if you are a gardener or want to start growing your vegetables at home, Walmart is a great place to make purchases. They carry everything from vegetable plants and flowers to pots and gardening tools, making it easy to start your indoor garden without spending much money.

buy vegetable plants as Surprising Things You Can Buy With EBT at Wallmart


You can also purchase energy and other drinks to boost your energy throughout the day. These beverages come in all flavors and are great when you need an extra pick-me-up during a long day or want something refreshing on a hot day.

For me, personally, the most crazy thing that I can buy using EBT is an emergency food supply!

Emergency Kit Food supplies

Finally, plenty of emergency supplies options are available while shopping at Walmart using your EBT card. You can purchase food storage containers and kits to access all your essential supplies in an emergency or major disaster. With these items, you’ll be prepared no matter what comes your way!

Can you buy vegetable plants with food stamps at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy vegetable plants with food stamps at Walmart. You can use your EBT card to buy all permitted SNAP items. However, you can not use EBT cards at Walmart’s online stores in Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Manie, and Montana.

Surprising Things You Can Buy With EBT at Amazon

Some of the most popular things you can buy with EBT at Amazon include emergency food supplies, coffee pods, K-cups, tea sets, popcorn samplers, and more. You can also use your benefits to purchase slimming shakes like SlimFast products or high-quality collagen protein powder for improved health and wellness. Additionally, you can stock up on snacks like astronaut food or Pedialyte to keep yourself fueled during storms or other emergencies.

amazon coffee pods can you buy with EBT food stamp


If you’re looking for a delicious treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can also use your EBT card to purchase gourmet chocolates from Godiva or Mrs. Fields cookies. If you enjoy gardening or are an avid outdoors enthusiast, Amazon also carries garden herbs and other essentials that can be purchased with EBT benefits.

godiva chocolate you can buy with EBT at Amazon

So, if you’re looking for ways to stretch your budget and get the maximum benefits, consider shopping at Amazon –there’s something for everyone there!

Buy Low-cost items and meals with an EBT card.

Disabled and old individuals registered under the SNAP program can also purchase low-cost meals through the SNAP program. In addition, some restaurants and food centers have separate low-cost meal menus to accommodate the deprived category of homeless, disabled, or poor individuals. Contact the state agricultural department to check if you can purchase low-cost meals from proximate restaurants.

Buy Desserts and sugary items with an EBT card.

The SNAP program also provides desserts, bakery items, sweets, cakes, donuts, pies, and cookies under the accepted food item list. In addition, enrolled low-income families can enjoy special occasions and birthdays by purchasing a birthday cake provided if the total cost of non-edible decorative items on the cake is not more than 50% of the birthday cake’s price.

Buy EEnergyand soft drinks with an EBT card.

The SNAP program only allows items with substantial nutritional value to be chased. Energy drinks are not considered the sole provider of nutrition; therefore, they are not included in the list of food stamp benefits. Only drinks that offer nutritional value can be purchased through EBT; however, drinks that provide additional value are classified as supplements by the US Food and Drug Administration and are not eligible for SNAP benefits.

energy drink that you can buy at Wallmart using EBT card

Buy Packaged items with an EBT card.

Packaged edible items such as cold sandwiches and deli foods can be purchased through the SNAP program. Chicken salads, cold meat cuts, sliced deli meat, and regular sandwiches can be purchased from any grocery or convenience store through the EBT card.

Low-income households can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, meat items, fish, dairy products, new pieces of bread, dry cereals, snack items, and nonalcoholic beverages along with seeds and plants under the food stamp program; however, you cannot purchase liquor, alcohol beer, wine, tobacco, and supplements including vitamins and medicines through the SNAP program. A potential item with a supplement facts label is categorized as a supplement and not directly legible for SNAP purchase. You cannot purchase live animals except for shellfish fish from the water and slaughtered animals. Hot foods and unnecessary items such as pet foods, housing supplies, cleaning supplies, and hygiene items are not eligible for SNAP purchase.

Does Wawa take EBT?

Yes, Wawa takes EBT, and customers can buy all approved SNAP products, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc., using an EBT card.

Does Sheetz take EBT?

Sheetz takes an EBT card, and you can buy all SNAP food stamps-approved items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. However, you cannot use EBT to buy gas or any unapproved SNAP item at Sheetz marketplace.

Please read our article to learn more about what you can buy with EBT at Sheetz.

Does Sprouts take food stamps?

Yes, Sprouts takes food stamps, and you can purchase all SNAP-approved items using your EBT card. However, Sprouts will not accept Travelers’ Checks, WIC, or Money Orders.

Does Subway take food stamps?

Subway accepts food stamps only in six states with elaborate RMPs, including Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Maryland. You can use an EBT card only in selected Subway stores.

Does TraderJoe’ss accept EBT?

Yes, TraderJoe’s accepts SNAP EBT payments. It also supports cashless purchases and digitization, so you can purchase SNAP-eligible items using an EBT card.

Does QT accept EBT?

QuickTrip or QT accepts EBT cards, and you can purchase all SNAP-approved items. However, you can not use an EBT card to buy hot meals, gas, or fuel at the station.

Does Sam take EBT cards?

Yes, Sam’s takes an EBT card, and you can purchase all SNAP-approved items with it. However, you cannot use an EBT card on Sam’s website.

Does Raley accept EBT?

Yes, Raley’ ss accepts an EBT card, and you can purchase all SNAP-approved items. You can use an EBT card for online purchases, but please select the “cash or debit at pickup ” option when you order online and add a note to your order mentioning “EB” so the store is aware.

Does Wholefoods take EBT?

Yes, Whole Foods takes an EBT card, and you can purchase all SNAP-approved items. Whole Foods store will automatically separate SNAP non-eligible items for you at check-out. However, you cannot use an EBT card at Whole Foods Market online.

Does Publix take food stamps?

Yes, Publix takes food stamps, and you can buy all SNAP-approved items with an EBT card. Additionally, you can purchase items using an EBT card in-store and online, including all orders placed through Instacart for delivery or pickup.

Does Dunkin Donuts take EBT?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts accepts EBT cards, but only in six states with elaborate RMPs: Arizona, California, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Maryland. You can use an EBT card only in selected Dunkin Donuts stores.

Can you buy frozen food with food stamps?

You can buy frozen food with food stamps because frozen meat and vegetables are approved SNAP items. However, if some frozen item is prepared in a grocery store, such as hot pizza, you can not pay using food stamps because cooked food EBT card will not be accepted.

Can you buy sushi with EBT?

You can buy sushi using an EBT card in the frozen food section as an aa-SNAP-SNAP-approved item. However, you can not purchase sushi prepared in a restaurant or grocery store because food stamps do not cover hot sushi or any cooked, prepared meal.

Can I buy coffee with EBT?

Yes, you can buy coffee with EBT, but only if it is not hot and not intended for on-premise consumption. However, you cannot purchase hot coffee in grocery store restaurants using an EBT card.

Can you buy energy drinks with food stamps?

Yes, you can buy all energy drinks labeled as “Nutrition facts,” such as Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, and Bang Energy, with food stamps. However, you can not buy energy drinks labeled as supplements using food stamps, such as FITAID Recovery Blend, CELSIUS Sparkling, Jocko GO Energy Drink, etc.

Can you buy Rotisserie chicken with EBT?

You can buy uncooked Rotisserie chicken using an EBT card and then prepare chicken at home. However, you can not buy a hot prepared Rotisserie chicken at any grocery store because it is against the SNAP rule.


Citizens and children at the highest risk of malnourishment and households are targeted through the SNAP program. Most participants are children, and a home of four members is eligible for more than $2600 per month to acquire these benefits. To apply for SNAP benefits, contact the local SNAP office. Your application will be checked and analyzed, and if successful, you can apply for an EBT card. Healthy adults of the 18 to 49 age group without dependent family members must be employed for at least 20 hours per week to acquire SNAP benefits and assistance through this program. They can also be registered in employment training, community service, or ongoing education; otherwise, they are only eligible for three months of food stamps for three years.

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